Most nerds find pleasure in games such as, but not limited to: Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40K, and HeroClix. Being a Nerd does not need a far superior IQ, but the common sense to not join gangs or break your skull in football. Nerds not to be confused with losers actually have a life.
Dumb Shit: Jesus Christ your playing Warhammer?!?!?! Your such a Nerd!

Nerd: Is there something wrong with that?
by gundargundargundar August 16, 2008
(you can tell nerds added the definition to this, exaggerated much?)

Someone who is very intelligent and commonly antisocial. Contuary to te nerd's belief, they do not always grow up being rich and wealthy. A lot of them spends too much money on computers and videogames to be able to hold down a steady job.

1.) They tend to be facinated in topics that most of the time, the average joe doesn't give a flying f*** about.
2.) A lot of them are very big headed and think they are smarter than everyone else.
3.) They hate when someone proves them wrong and thinks that they are always right.
4.)A lot of them suffer from the same problem as preps, they suffer from superiority complex disorder. They think they are better and sometimes can be just as mean as preps.
5.)They can be a bit short tempered and get angry over the smallest stuff.
6.)They tend to take school work very seriously and a lot of the times, they end up doing the jock's work for them since they are easily controlled. In fact a lot of the times the jock can be very smart but seems dumb because he is very lazy.
Nerd: DId you know they plan on releasing the first hoover craft vehicle for commercial sale in as early as 2009!!! WOW!
Dude:yeah,.....thats cool I guess...*gives half ass laugh*
Nerd: How could you not be excited about this?
Dude: Its alright I guess.....
Nerd: Its okay if you are too stupid to understand the complexity of this.
Dude: I'm not really stupid, I just have other things to worry about....
Dude:You can't be a boss, you spend so much money and time on videogames and computers, I don't see how someone like you will run a company.
Nerd: SHUT UP INFERIOR BEING!!!*goes home and post an extremely exaggerated definition for "nerd" on Urbandictionary*
by realisticnerdykid April 01, 2008
someone who:

1. wear their pants up to their chest
2. pants that you can see their ankles and hight socks
3. smart
4. teacher's pet
5. watch anime and read manga
6. loner
7. wear dress shoes or sketchers
8. when they run, some of them dont even bend their knees, and just run like theyre legs are two straight sticks
9. not really atheletic
10. not cool
"omg look at her, shes just a nerd"
by D.A sux September 07, 2007
A smart dude who spends more time on important things like their intelligence than thing like sports, and as a result are socially inept. I myself am a lesser nerd, because I devote my time to other, non-nerdy things such as popularity, running (the nerd sport, but oddly enough better for you than weight training and sports like football) and making people laugh. I belong to a sub-group of funny nerds who don't have snot-coated sleeves,and do have girlfriends. Most people don't know I'm a nerd.
ME: I'm a nerd.
Brainless Jock Who Thinks I'm Cool:...No your not!
ME: Yes, I am.
Brainless Jock:................
by Dudeiedes January 10, 2007
A Nerd is a very knowledgeable person who has very little or no social ability due to there failure to recognise that they are not “normal”! But whoever wanted to be normal? Geeks on the other hand gain social skills through there ability to realise that they are in fact not just like everyone else!
Person1 "OMG did you just hear what that Nerd just said?"
Person2 "Fucking Retard why the hell would anyone say somthing so stupid?"
by Little-John September 16, 2006
A person who fills the sterotypes generally surrounding one knowledgeable about computers (considers video games a way of life, watches sci-fi etc.) but does not necessarily have that knowledge. A nerd is always a social reject. The term nerd differs from geek in that a geek has knowledge regarding computing or other cutting edge technology, but is not necessarily a social reject. A geek may prefer to communicate over the internet (not making them a social reject - infact they often have more contact with their friends than other groups), while a nerd has difficulty in forming any friends or communicating in a social way atall. Geeks are often (unfairly) confused with nerds.

If you feel nerds are in some way better than geeks just think: how many people have you heard admitting to being a geek? now compare this to the number of people declaring themselves nerds.

Oh - I agree that yes, Mr. Gates is a nerd. Have any or you promoting nerds ever heard of an operating system called 'Linux'? I think you'll find its generally more reliable, secure and controllable than windows - particularly the more recent versions (2K and XP). It does however require a higher degree of intellect to operate successfully than windows, which I feel furthers my point.

There is such a thing as an aspiring geek, who, though lacking the intellectual prowess of geeks in general, realise that there is more to computers than writing word documents and playing games. Often these aspiring geeks will develop into a full geek.
'I'm a geek' - said with pride
'He's a nerd' - used in an insulting manner
'I'm a nerd' - when have you ever heard this used?!
by Gertrude Hatter February 07, 2005
By way of all the definitions of nerd and geek on this site i am bothyet neither. I am exceedingly good at computing, (now for the jargon) with languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS ect, and have a web design job. I am 15. I earn on average about £2000 a month. I built a top of the range computer with DVD, CD r/w, TV input ect, for £250.
I am also socially advanced. I am not a reclusive obbsessive. I wish i was. I cant live without social interaction.
I am 15 and i am already better than some of you will ever be in your entire life.
I have 3 websites, and i run 2 very profitable ones.
So suck on that you prejudicic losers.
this is an example
by zosoboy March 21, 2004

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