someone who dresses as hannah montana for halloween
look at that nerd over there!
by Christine Walkere October 20, 2007
1. A person who wears oversized glasses with a safety strap, a shirt tucked into his pants (worn at or a little above the waist), a belt AND suspenders (just incase), ripped underwear (just incase =P), and a pocket protector. These creatures are often found in places such as libraries, schools, and bookstores. They have high IQ's and grades range from 98-school max. They are victums of being picked on by societies "cool kids" who will usually beat them up and give them wedgies.

2. According to M. Night Shamylan's Signs, they are people who have never had a girlfriend and create signs in crop fields to scare people.
Man, you're such a nerd!
by The Ich July 12, 2006
A bunch of socially disabled men who get together on a Friday night to play board games.
see for a classic example
by Pizza Man Sam June 25, 2006
someone who's simply smart doesn't mean he's a nerd godammit! A nerd is an anti-social moron who doesn't like sports, music and girls. A nerd dedicates his life to wasting it by studying for no reason, and doesn't even have any fashion tastes.
A kid with broken glasses fixed with masking tape, short pants with a tucked in shirt and underwear with cartoons on 'em, and a frikkin' name tag on his shirt. Wtf man?
by christian 93 June 30, 2005
A person who has a warped sense of what is cool relative to the widely accepted norms. As a result they're often "intensely interested in a particular hobby or topic".
Example... that depends on what you think are widely accepted norms.
by Rob November 25, 2003
One without swag.
nigga, take that cosby sweater off, you a nerd.
by Jujigatame June 28, 2011
Not eve remotely dorky.
"Dude, hes such a nerd. Did you see him at the party last night?"
by breinke October 20, 2009
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