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A person who has a warped sense of what is cool relative to the widely accepted norms. As a result they're often "intensely interested in a particular hobby or topic".
Example... that depends on what you think are widely accepted norms.
by Rob November 25, 2003
One without swag.
nigga, take that cosby sweater off, you a nerd.
by Jujigatame June 28, 2011
Not eve remotely dorky.
"Dude, hes such a nerd. Did you see him at the party last night?"
by breinke October 20, 2009
Somebody with a limited set of interests, focuses very intensely on those few, and is generally fairly knowlegable on those subjects, but not on much else.
You're a nerd for using Urban Dictionary.
by The Nerd Definer May 21, 2009
A word often used towards the people who spend there time on xbox live, paint little men called warhammer, and sit in front of the computer playing retarded computer games like world of war craft.
Girl: look at that nerd
Nerd: It seems that the female catogory is talking to me.
by veronica unleashed August 28, 2008
someone who dresses as hannah montana for halloween
look at that nerd over there!
by Christine Walkere October 20, 2007
nerd (no ever really dies) the group contains of pharrel williams, chad hugo, and shay. The offspring of the neptunes
NERD is not a production group but a band
by tingtong January 15, 2005