What you call someone who does something to you that you can't do back, does something you don't know how to, does something better then you, or achieves something faster than you.
Joe Does a sick combo in a game that James cannot.

James: Nerd!

Joe: Yepzors.
by AustinGuth August 08, 2009
One who has never set foot in a fashionable clothing store and has never been out with the opposite sex. not necessarily one whose IQ is greater than their weight, but one who shows it. Could also be one who shows more interest in tech-related things than the opposite sex. nerds also tend to wake up early on weekends and waste time doing pointless work that is not required for school.
nerd 1: OHEMGEE, so are you going to attend the great science and technology archiectural genius super-duper smart people convention this saturday at 6:00 AM?????
nerd 2: OF COURSE, DEEEUUUUUDEEEEEE!!! i heard that they have a new proto-cannon that uses Nuper power!!!!!

normal dude: dude omg, chelsea is soooo fucking hot, i think im gonna ask her out.
by nerdsneedtogetalifeomfg April 02, 2009
1.a person who is branded as "uncool" by society becuase they admit to things that the "cool" members only think
1. i love pokemon so much! but im not going to admit it becuase i dont want to be a nerd
by Trevor never Foehl October 15, 2008
1. One who is intelligent, but has not yet come to realize that exercise is vital to mental health.

2. One who is intelligent, but has not yet come to realize that friends are vital to mental health.
1. NERD: Hahahahha, i will take u over

NORMAL GUY: well ur a wimp

NERD: hahahah it's not always the strongest who wins hahaha

NORMAL GUY: actually i read this article of newsweek that said that exercise makes you smarter

NERD: ...

2. NERD: Hahahhaa the world will be mine!!!

COOL KID: Uh... friends?

NERD: Stfu! Did Hitler need friends??

COOL KID: Yeah. Most historians agree that the main factor in Hitler's success was his choice to surround himself with highly influential people who helped him control the minds of the German people.

NERD: ...
by Bertoffski January 08, 2008
A person that is socially unable and mentally unstable. Usually fails to complete regular life tasks such as hygiene.
Nerds act like they're smart.
Geeks -are- smart.
by 84bsui44nxdrt September 08, 2007
A nerd is a person who's inteligence may be slightly/noticeably above others.Nerds usualy are less athletic and/or popular.Their vocabulary is commonly above othersand they are generaly better at math, science and anything technical.Usualy not very good at socializing and are therefore commonly abused by others.People that are most likely to change the world or become a milliopnaire and gain the career they want with the exception of and athlete/talk show host.
Nerd:Whoopee I got all A's.
Dropout:Stupid Nerd!
by DM, Nerd November 11, 2006
cf. social retard

A person who lacks social skills. Drawn to anti-social hobbies (video games, reading, role-playing) as a result. Generally believe their unpopularity stems from them being smarter than the rest of us, that they'll grow up to be Bill Gates, etc. In fact, nerds are usually the least well-equipped to deal with life outside of school, and even when they do possess intelligence, still aren't smart enough to learn to express their intelligence in more acceptable ways, i.e. like all the smart people out there who aren't nerds do.
The reason you're a nerd isn't because you're smart, it's because you're retarded.
by bato October 07, 2006

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