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Somebody: usually: only socialise with each other, have no fondness for exercise, are bullied at school (however these do not apply to all NERDS) always: clever, end up being the bullies boss, study hard, play hard (a recognised scientific fact: people who classify themselves as NERDS have out of all classes the most active sex life)
Person 1: He is such a NERD.

P2: Yes, but he had the highest grades in the year.

P3: Also, I see all the girls at his house all the time.

P1: But he is slightly overweight.
by Work hard, Play hard January 03, 2012
Someone who will run the show after they go through the idiocy of public school jocks
Nerds: Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Almost every attractive actress admits to being a nerd


by Trakentus December 15, 2010
To study, often incessantly, on a topic that fascinates only him/herself.
Sorry I can't come to the party tonight. I have to nerd at the library.
by hkboy123 June 03, 2010
Also called an intellectual bad-ass
Person 1: You're such a nerd!
Person 2: Excuse me?! We prefer the term "intellectual bad-ass"
by dananannana April 29, 2010
A stereotypical label used to describe a person who highly knows technology
jared quinn is a nerd because he knows a lot about xbox
by Timmy M April 27, 2010
A nerd is an intelligent Dork
That Nerd knows everything.
by InternetGeek96 January 22, 2010
Really sexy kids who play video games that are badass.
Nerds are those hott kids that don't know that they are.
by memyselfandx100 December 19, 2009