intellectual Badass
Guy 1:Dude isn't he a nerd?

Guy 2 : Yeah man, he's a intellectual Badass.
by Wiseass69 March 05, 2011
The people you make fun of in high school that you end up working for.
Billy: Look at that nerd! Wanna go make fun of him?
Bob: No thanks, he'll remember me and I'll end up working for him someday.
by skinnybananachick5 February 28, 2011
Also called an intellectual bad-ass
Person 1: You're such a nerd!
Person 2: Excuse me?! We prefer the term "intellectual bad-ass"
by dananannana April 29, 2010
someone who is smart and doesnt care about athletics. An easy scapegoat even though they will probably owning the company that will employ you.
2009: yo bri, i just gave that nerd a wedgie!

2014: Yo bri, i just didnt get a job man. Im still out of work. That nerd i gave wedgies to is owning the company!
by 1488 smartskin November 08, 2009
The richest man in the world is also the biggest nerd. He could have ANY chick he wants, and could have you assasinated in a minute if he wanted to.
20 years down the line, will it truly matter if you were "popular"?

Do you think it will matter 20 years down the line if you were studying computer science/physics/economics 4 hours a day? Yes.

Do you think it will matter 20 years down the line whether you were popular or not? No.
by Elitist January 19, 2004
Often used as an insult (although should be taken as a compliment), a nerd is a person with a high IQ. Nerd is the opposite of retard and therefore should be taken as a compliment. A nerd will love to do maths, science, computer stuff, watch anime and/or play video games depending on the type of nerd.
Geek: Your such a nerd.
Nerd: Thanks, and your a geek.
Geek: Thanks, wanna do some maths?
by APersonInOZ July 16, 2015
A person having an unhealthy obsession with fiction or fantasy related media and entertainment.
A classic trademark of nerd behavior is an unthinking bias (or lack of objectivity) in regard to topics of their interest, I.E., "Star Wars is Harrison Ford's best film".
by Predicate December 11, 2013
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