The only type of man a smart woman would like.

You're welcome.
"If you don't like the alpha men, what kind of guy do you like?"
"See the guy in the glasses with the book?"
"That would be my type."
"That's a nerd."
by IDidItFortheLulz July 05, 2013
A smart or intelligent person who is also cool and exciting. Some nerds enjoy things such as Sci-Fi shows.
Albert Einstein, The Green Brothers (A.K.A) The Vlogbrothers, Nerds
by Fill Scotts February 23, 2011
Someone, usually a guy, who is highly confused with the very common geek. Nerds are somewhat attractive and intelligent, and are usually great boyfriends because they haven't had popularity soil their good natured aspects. Unlike the geek, who is unattractive and intelligent, nerds are well known and liked and may be considered "popular".
Artie from "Glee" is a nerd because he is sweet and cute and popular among his friends and also very smart. Puck is not a nerd because Puck is not smart and so he is just considered hot. :)
by vern the fern December 26, 2010
a sexy beast, often noticeable by his/her superior intellect and higher level thinking.
"Look at that nerd, he's so hawt." <3
by Ruin Tumult November 28, 2010
future rulers of the world. We shall control all of the mindless who make fun of us in high school for our greater intelligence.
Join the nerds, we have superior skills
by thelawnz June 13, 2010
Nerd: (n)

1. An insult used to imply that someone is weak, unsociable, or weird

2. A person who spends chunks of their lives playing WOW or Halo

3. Someone who is very intelligent and is envied by his/her peers because of his/her superior grades

4. A delicious and crunchy candy that comes in a cute little box
Wimp: *struggling to lift 40 lbs.*
Jock: "Wow what a nerd"

Nerd: "ZOMG, i ttly pwnd ths kid on WOW last nite"
Normal Person: "Why are you talking like that? Nerd."

Smart Person: "Yay! I just got a 99 on my calculus test!"
Jealous Weenie: "Because you're a nerd!" *fist bumbs other jealous weenie*

Lucky Kid: "I have nerds, does anyone want some?"
Everybody: "ME!!!"
by vball1346 May 23, 2010
A generally intelligent individual who has an in-depth interest (or interests) in a particular area, far more than the average joe. They are typically cast as having a lack of social skills and "no life", whatever that may mean. All of these statements may or may not be true, depending on the person.

Bill Gates once observed that you should "be nice to nerds. You'll probably end up working for one one day", or a similar phrase.

Nerds either do or do not share one or more characteristics with geeks, depending on who you ask.

They also seem to be somewhat bitter at the possibly unjust typecasting they receive on behalf of society at large. Nerds generally get victimised by society for their difference, and so seem to feel the need to fight back by "reclaiming the term" to mean something good. Their general (but by no means pervasive) lack of social skills means that much of this "nerd and proud" vitriol is vented on the Internet and nowhere else.

(see other definitions for proof of this)
"That guy spends all day on the computer. He's such a nerd"

"Nerds are better than other people"

"Be nice to nerds - chances are you'll end up working for one"
by Aramithius January 24, 2010

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