1.someone with a high intelligence.
2. a non-conformist e.g. someone who likes wat they do and could care less wat others say
3.Someone passionately interested in a hobby or subject usually not sports.
4. Bad term: Someone who excludes others for not being a radical nonconformist.aka geek or video gamer
5.someone who "normal" people wish they could be but are envious so they insult them.
1. That nerd got such a good score on his test.
2. That nerd cool 'cause he dont care he just does his own thing.
3. yea that nerd devotes ALL his time to drawing anime.
4. Stupid frikin nerd! Says im a total conformist!
5. Man i wish i had the balls to be as much of an individual as that nerd.
by Fishbap and cheese November 13, 2004
A common word used to insult someone.

But just wait. Chances are, that "nerd" is gonna be the one signing your paychecks.
Who's laughing now.
That nerd is me.
by ThatGirlWhoKnowsYourSecrets December 09, 2012
Someone, usually a guy, who is highly confused with the very common geek. Nerds are somewhat attractive and intelligent, and are usually great boyfriends because they haven't had popularity soil their good natured aspects. Unlike the geek, who is unattractive and intelligent, nerds are well known and liked and may be considered "popular".
Artie from "Glee" is a nerd because he is sweet and cute and popular among his friends and also very smart. Puck is not a nerd because Puck is not smart and so he is just considered hot. :)
by vern the fern December 26, 2010
a sexy beast, often noticeable by his/her superior intellect and higher level thinking.
"Look at that nerd, he's so hawt." <3
by Ruin Tumult November 28, 2010
future rulers of the world. We shall control all of the mindless who make fun of us in high school for our greater intelligence.
Join the nerds, we have superior skills
by thelawnz June 13, 2010
a person of high intelligence or drive at a certain hobby. Stereotypes portray them as:

-wearing glasses
-bad sense of fashion
-allergic to almost everything
-computer loving

The inconvienent truth for jocks about these Stereotypes is that only 10% of the geek and/or nerd population even has many of the traits listed above
Girl 1:"Omg marcus was reading a Harry Potter Book hes such a nerd."

Girl 2: "I like harry potter."
by Vestiges September 02, 2008
nerds are NOT people who have a singular obsession with something such as cars, films, anime, or computers. these people go under the category of geek.

nerds are individuals, who generally avoid conforming to society (well high school's) standards.

unlike geeks, nerds must be intelligent, especially in math and sciences.

nerds often have some difficulty socializing, sometimes due to rich inner lives. however, it is not uncommon for them to have friends.

nerds may be persecuted, or may be allowed to live in peace with the rest of the high school community.
john: omg, paul's such a nerd.
jack: yeah, but he's funny and he helps me with my math hw. he's pretty cool.
by starcat13 December 04, 2005
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