A Nerd is a person who inside knows it but doesnt make a song and dance about it. Not all Nerds are computor freaks, or into maths, many just enjoy a quiet peacefull existance knowing a little bit about averything. They're not all manga, anime, haylo ,WoW and LotR obsessed either. Many of this peacefull race have "normal" interests. We don't all dress weird either. It is a well known fact that Nerds tend to obsess over their many facts but hey, who doesnt?
Anyway, if you are reading this you are probably a Nerd looking for a suitable definition of yourself. You wont find one. We are individuals that have been put under the Nerd catagory. Celebrate that fact. Be proud of your Nerdiness! Be free to be you!
Girl- I'm scared that people think I'm a Nerd when really I'm an individual.
Nerd- Why? Be proud of that title!
by FreeSpiritƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ October 23, 2010
1.someone with a high intelligence.
2. a non-conformist e.g. someone who likes wat they do and could care less wat others say
3.Someone passionately interested in a hobby or subject usually not sports.
4. Bad term: Someone who excludes others for not being a radical nonconformist.aka geek or video gamer
5.someone who "normal" people wish they could be but are envious so they insult them.
1. That nerd got such a good score on his test.
2. That nerd cool 'cause he dont care he just does his own thing.
3. yea that nerd devotes ALL his time to drawing anime.
4. Stupid frikin nerd! Says im a total conformist!
5. Man i wish i had the balls to be as much of an individual as that nerd.
by Fishbap and cheese November 13, 2004
A lifetime of insults because of their superior intellect and supposed lack of social skills. The latter is not always true.
Nerds do have a circle of friends from a variety of stereotypes. They may just prefer their own company, other nerds' company or may not have the time to socialise with others. Or, find other more overbearing people, for example, a jock, overbearing, rude, arrogant, and hypocritical to name a few.
It is also the nerds who invented the tv, computer, radio just amongst a small set of things, which are used in most of today's society for many social, yes, social events, for example, sports and sports clubs, which are used to a jocks' advantage (a touch hypocritical from those jocks who insult nerds)!
Nerds, through use of their brains, ideas, have contributed to a more advanced society, and their inventions and intelligence, despite their constant abuse and insults from others, are being made to good use by many non-nerds, and making their jobs more easier than it once was.
Nerds are often good-hearted people with righteous morals, and don't deserve the negative stereotypes they are betrayed as by jocks in particular.
It is nerds who have made other stereotypes (eg. jocks') jobs that much easier.
If we were all stereotyped the same way, wouldn't that make for a boring world? Or even a thoughtless, immoral one where we all have to be like this, that, etc etc?
Other stereotype: "Sometimes we tend to forget just how useful nerds have been to society."
"Good to make fun of because they're weak, unfit, don't have a life, are still virgins, and because we use the same stuff like computers, tv, cameras, radios that they were good for."
"And what do they ever get from anybody in return?"
by youdon'tknowme! February 28, 2012
your future boss
rick(the jock):geez look at that guy, such a nerd

nerd:clean this up or your fired
rick(the janitor):*mumbles*why do i always had to do the dirty jobs.
bob:cuz you called him a nerd in high school,remember
1) You mocked them... you tortured them... now they're developing the medicine that will save your sorry ass!
2) One who is academically superior to the normal population.
We don't like to rub it in... oh wait, yeah we do! PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS!!
Me: I bet you're regretting calling me a nerd now that you need that loan, right, bud?
Once-Popular Kid: Please, my tumor's growing!!!
Me: Hrmmmmm... Well, you should have considered this possibility when you decided that only nerds go to college.
by The Devious Chipmunk January 04, 2011
A stereotypical label a group of intellectually depraved peers often maintain on select examples of promising, brilliant individuals too busy with academic and scholastic endeavors to indulge in the superficial trivialities of seeking social approval or popularity.

As such, the group of good-for-nothing trash provide themselves with a crude rationalization of their position in the social strata.
Dumb shit 1:"Hey look, it's that one nerd we knew back in college."

Dumb shit 2: "Oh, wait. That guy is a fucking millionaire..."

Dumb shit 1: *Genuine surprise* "Oh, shit!"
by who is john galt? July 22, 2009
The only type of man a smart woman would like.

You're welcome.
"If you don't like the alpha men, what kind of guy do you like?"
"See the guy in the glasses with the book?"
"That would be my type."
"That's a nerd."
by IDidItFortheLulz July 05, 2013

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