A nerd is a being who creates or spawns awesomeness (DO NOT EVER ASSOCIATE WITH GEEKS NOR DORKS). All great things come from nerds. The sphere (or ball, for all you idiots out there.) was created by a nerd, and now the nerd's own invention is used to pummel him upside the face in dodgeball. Also, TV was made by nerds. Google, wikipedia, youtube, youtube videos, and all things that are good come from nerds. Despite all of their contributions, they are ussualy shunned by society. This is because, even though they have created all the means by which people move (cars), communicate (the acronyms used in notes and messages), and think (Television) they sometimes have a deep flaw in their appearance, social skills, or other areas. Essentially, nerds are the martyrs that live a life of social abstinency to further develop mankind in the hope that mankind doesn't devolve. A trifling hope, but without hope we have nothing.
The bible says that :
"The meek shall inherit the Earth."
meek is "those who are socially awkward, but inventive."
Otherwise known as nerdy.

We have created all technology and we will regain it.
by Thomas A. April 20, 2008
I am a nerd. First of all, geeks are NOT nerds. They are people who often like video games or comics ect. but don't possess the intellect to be considered a nerd. Nerds are often given a bad name because of geeks that are mistaken for nerds.

Some things to know about nerds

1. Some nerds have a social life, we are not all social failures.

2. Nerds are not always ugly, we generally look normal, we only look "nerdy" in movies.

3. We are unfortunately generally not athletic, but they does not mean we're fat or weak. We are usually just uncoordinated. (Note: some nerds are athletic.)

4. Not all nerds study, we just retain information when we learn it.

5. We don't necessarily love all subjects (I do, but that's a bad example)

6. Nerd is considered to be a derogatory term, but nerds usually do better in life than jocks.

7. Most nerds love learning simply because its interesting.
The nerds you make fun of for liking school will be the doctors, engineers, and inventors of tomorrow. (For all you dumb jocks out there, those are people with the cushy jobs)

Think: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates
by Nerd&Proud September 29, 2013
smart asses, that people copy off of
rachel>damn you got an A?
alex>yea i copyed off that "nerd"
rachel>damnn i should have done that
by dorymclovin February 12, 2009
It's not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing; it's just a characteristic.

A nerd is unusually smart, esp. in math, science, and/or computers. He or she tends to know a lot about pop culture, yet, ironically, often doesn't have great social skills. Usually has a great sarcastic, witty sense of humor (deriving from the knowledge of pop culture). Well-rounded, but just can't express him/herself to non-nerdy people well.

Seth Cohen on "The O.C." (the best example)
Shia LaBoeuf's character in "Transformers"
The "I'm a Mac" guy in "Live Free or Die Hard"

Geek, dork, and dweeb, on the other hand, tend to have negative connotations.

See also metanerd
Guy 1: What's with the nerdy guys having these hot, nice girlfriends?
Guy 2: I think the women are tired of jerks and want someone who'll treat them nice and take care of them.
Guy 1: Yeah. So you want to get wasted and treat women like meaningless objects?
Guy 2: Yeah! Let's go!
by Jason McD. July 10, 2008
1. An intelligent person, usually disliked by the speaker.

2. Someone who prefers books to people.

3. A fan of Fantasy and Sci-fi entertainment genres.

4. A person who is knowledgeable when it comes to computers.

1. "That nerd always gets good test scores."

2. Becky was a considered a nerd by most people, mostly because she spent so much time in the library.

3. Many nerds enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons.

4. "I couldn't figure out how to fix my computer, so I went and found a nerd."
by Boudicca July 19, 2006
No Evidence of Recurrent Disease

Originally, medical personnel used he acronyn NED. But, among cancer survivors it has morphed into NERD, and something that can be proudly claimed and congratulated.
"I just got the results of my yearly scans, and I'm still a NERD!!!"
by Elizabeth Munroz November 06, 2007
A lifetime of insults because of their superior intellect and supposed lack of social skills. The latter is not always true.
Nerds do have a circle of friends from a variety of stereotypes. They may just prefer their own company, other nerds' company or may not have the time to socialise with others. Or, find other more overbearing people, for example, a jock, overbearing, rude, arrogant, and hypocritical to name a few.
It is also the nerds who invented the tv, computer, radio just amongst a small set of things, which are used in most of today's society for many social, yes, social events, for example, sports and sports clubs, which are used to a jocks' advantage (a touch hypocritical from those jocks who insult nerds)!
Nerds, through use of their brains, ideas, have contributed to a more advanced society, and their inventions and intelligence, despite their constant abuse and insults from others, are being made to good use by many non-nerds, and making their jobs more easier than it once was.
Nerds are often good-hearted people with righteous morals, and don't deserve the negative stereotypes they are betrayed as by jocks in particular.
It is nerds who have made other stereotypes (eg. jocks') jobs that much easier.
If we were all stereotyped the same way, wouldn't that make for a boring world? Or even a thoughtless, immoral one where we all have to be like this, that, etc etc?
Other stereotype: "Sometimes we tend to forget just how useful nerds have been to society."
"Good to make fun of because they're weak, unfit, don't have a life, are still virgins, and because we use the same stuff like computers, tv, cameras, radios that they were good for."
"And what do they ever get from anybody in return?"
by youdon'tknowme! February 28, 2012

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