1. An intelligent person, usually disliked by the speaker.

2. Someone who prefers books to people.

3. A fan of Fantasy and Sci-fi entertainment genres.

4. A person who is knowledgeable when it comes to computers.

1. "That nerd always gets good test scores."

2. Becky was a considered a nerd by most people, mostly because she spent so much time in the library.

3. Many nerds enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons.

4. "I couldn't figure out how to fix my computer, so I went and found a nerd."
by Boudicca July 19, 2006
to excel at everything. Many describe this as "Westervelting" it.
hey how did you do on the Lecon B quiz?

Oh me I "Westervelted" it

Atta Boy you nerd!
by les dixiemes November 04, 2010
The people who will eventually rule the world.
Man, Justin's such a nerd. He got a perfect score on the last 3 science tests.
by Pur3 3n1gma May 19, 2010
smart asses, that people copy off of
rachel>damn you got an A?
alex>yea i copyed off that "nerd"
rachel>damnn i should have done that
by dorymclovin February 12, 2009
No Evidence of Recurrent Disease

Originally, medical personnel used he acronyn NED. But, among cancer survivors it has morphed into NERD, and something that can be proudly claimed and congratulated.
"I just got the results of my yearly scans, and I'm still a NERD!!!"
by Elizabeth Munroz November 06, 2007
I am a nerd. First of all, geeks are NOT nerds. They are people who often like video games or comics ect. but don't possess the intellect to be considered a nerd. Nerds are often given a bad name because of geeks that are mistaken for nerds.

Some things to know about nerds

1. Some nerds have a social life, we are not all social failures.

2. Nerds are not always ugly, we generally look normal, we only look "nerdy" in movies.

3. We are unfortunately generally not athletic, but they does not mean we're fat or weak. We are usually just uncoordinated. (Note: some nerds are athletic.)

4. Not all nerds study, we just retain information when we learn it.

5. We don't necessarily love all subjects (I do, but that's a bad example)

6. Nerd is considered to be a derogatory term, but nerds usually do better in life than jocks.

7. Most nerds love learning simply because its interesting.
The nerds you make fun of for liking school will be the doctors, engineers, and inventors of tomorrow. (For all you dumb jocks out there, those are people with the cushy jobs)

Think: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates
by Nerd&Proud September 29, 2013
In general, a nerd is a social outcast in some way shape or form. However nerds can also be socially adjusted and may be popular. In most cases nerds are not very happy people, because despite their levels of popularity, they usually don't have much of a life. While it's perceived that what determines nerdiness is what the person is into, it goes deeper than that. Nerds are usually diagnosed with some type of minor mental disorder (ADHD, Aspergers) and as a result act in a way that many people find strange and may tease them because of it. Also, nostalgia and escapism are two very important things to a nerd. Nostalgia because childhood is always better than adolescence, and this rings especially true for nerds-and escapism for obvious reasons. Common traits for nerds are intelligence, low self-esteem, shyness, sexual frustration and yes, narcissism. Nerd pride, while a healthy thing can also be dangerous. Many nerds become bitter towards society and grow massive egos, which only makes more people hate them. While many nerds are mature and intelligent, many others (despite stereotypes) are ironically just as petty and small-minded as many of their tormentors. Then of course on a smaller level, nerds are defined for their interests. Stereotypically, video games, books (especially of the comic variety), and anime, as well as many other things.
The reason you may see a nerd watching a Disney movie or a children's cartoon takes me back to an earlier point: Nostalgia. Anything that reminds them of their childhood is special to them. As for the knights, pirates, elves, etc, it falls under Escapism. Because when life sucks, escapism is a good temporary way to deal with it. And when it comes to escapism for escapism's sake, the less realistic the better. I have seen a large number of definitions on here that I find disturbing-from both sides of the field-and what I'm here to do is try to dispel the hate a bit. I am here to create a hopefully unbiased definition of the word 'nerd' without insulting nerds but at the same time not instigating everyone else. This will serve to both give nerds something to think about and provide some insight to outsiders who don't understand nerds and may hate them for it.

I hope most of you are satisfied with the above definition (more like a book). Nerds, don't think yourself better than everyone else. It's a good way to become a douchebag and even less popular. Other people, try to have some pity on the nerdy kids and try to understand where they're coming from. Personally I have known shallow, hateful nerds and I've also had intelligent friends who were not nerds. We don't have to make this a war people, if we're intelligent and mature enough to accept the other side, then I think we can get along.
by Mediator man March 14, 2010

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