Someone, usually a guy, who is highly confused with the very common geek. Nerds are somewhat attractive and intelligent, and are usually great boyfriends because they haven't had popularity soil their good natured aspects. Unlike the geek, who is unattractive and intelligent, nerds are well known and liked and may be considered "popular".
Artie from "Glee" is a nerd because he is sweet and cute and popular among his friends and also very smart. Puck is not a nerd because Puck is not smart and so he is just considered hot. :)
by vern the fern December 26, 2010
A highly intellectual person who is greatly envied by those who are not as bright. Often insulted and excluded due to jealousy.
She is a computer nerd...lets insult her!
by Hannah Lumpkins June 08, 2005
A name given by lazy buggers in a class to those who take education seriously.
Don’t worry mate, he’s a nerd. He’ll bring his assignment on the date.
by Kylei May 29, 2005
A nerd is an interesting sort of idea. To some, the idea comes simply: glasses, nasal, scratchy voice. Inhalers, pocket protectors. Whatever the hell.
I think a nerd is something else. Someone who has a large IQ, sure. But doesn't act that way. A nerd is a person who plays video games, spend their money on new releases and Trading Card Games. Ones who, online, are actually, well, literate. A nerd can be extremely annoying or really cool. Depending on your point of view. And hey, since they have a non existant life, they have all the time to talk to you. One more thing: Nerds like to trash talk a lot of things behind your backs. Rap, emo, goths.. Whatever is around the bend.
Face it. Nerds whoop your butt. Not only are they smart, but they can have you on your butt crying when it comes to the infamous XBox queen. Halo.
by Daddy August 02, 2004
A nerd is a person who is smarter then your average person. Y'know the people who are going to grow up and make 1,000,000 dollars a day.

Jocks on the other hand are the people that make fun of nerds, for being smart. Makes no sense.

They just don't understand they are going to drop out of highschool join a NFL team for a week, break their leg and then have to work at McDonalds for the rest of their life.
The richest people in the world are nerds

Bill gates for example.
by Austin A February 08, 2005
A person constantly criticized for being overly obsessed with his/her school work. The criticizers usually work for the nerds.
"I remember you, I use to kick your ass for doing your homework at school. Too bad you are my boss now."
by EG student May 14, 2005
a Nerd i someone who is basically scrutinised for thier intelligence, by the mindless idiots (you may know them as townies, neds or whatever)
the plain truth is that it is these people that make the world work, they run the show, and what they do is taken for granted. without the nerd there is no NASA, no rocket, no satellite TV. why is noone thankfull for this?
1# lo. u cumin to the lan party later?
2# yeah, i would nt miss that!
shall i bring my coilgun?....
by equinox_omega May 22, 2004
people who are smart, especially in the ways of computer science and math. They are not necessary ugly, socially retarded, or unathletic, though most people believe that they are.
im a nerd who is sexy, popular, and athletic.
by chinksta March 09, 2005
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