a geek, however the average nerd does not consider him/herself awesome, like a geek. A nerd will usually be more rigorus in their intellectual activities rather than in nonintellectual activities.
Frank was a nerd, however his friend Joe (his LAN party friend) was a geek who was shmoozing with friends.
by that guy who knows everything. November 24, 2010
A person (male or female) that tends to wear glasses, pocket protectors, and/or long skinny ties with white shirts. They are usually smart and tend to have a hard time getting a date for the prom.
That kid at the computer is a total nerd.
by Kristopher W. November 01, 2005
originally a 'dick-head'. From the French word 'noeud'(literally 'knot'), the slang meaning of which is the glans penis, the enlarged section at the head of the penis, hence 'dick-head'.
whadda nerd!
by klidenengro February 04, 2004
One who has no life in the real world sits in front of his computer all day trying to merge the laws of physics for kicks..Then at the end of the day feels happy for all the information they assimulated during the course of the day. That and does not have a girlfriend for she would get in hes way from his noble prize
Man stop being a nerd and get laid.
by particleion September 24, 2003
A person who is smart with a dissapointing sex life. One who will most likely become successful when it comes to money but might still be unhappy because they are a 35 year old virgin. There is a difference between smart people and nerds. A smart person can still be cool and get laid. A smart person is not necessarily obsessed with one thing like a nerd. Not all nerds are to bad they can be nice but most of them could take a shower more often then once a month.
neeeeeeeeeeeerds are smelly losers and can be okay in small doses.
by Whatever April 06, 2005
Basically ur a nerd if...
1.ur socks are longer than ur wee-wee
2.ur glasses make up half ur weight
3.u were jumping in joy in telling ur mommy how u grew ur first hair at age 15
4.when someone askes u about ur hobbies, u desperately try to think of something other than video games and homework
5.ur idea of porn is a naked picture of sailor moon
7.u have trouble socializing unless its over gaming with random strangers
8.you ACTUALLY use words like "pwnzor, owned!, l33t, and lol" in real life
Bob: "woah look theres a skinny 5th grader on the high school campus."
Joe: "no, he's actually a sophomore."
Bob: "wow he's so small and skinny, what a nerd!"
by KLDSGNLSDGKN December 06, 2007
some little shit thats fun to make fun of...duuuh
look at that nerd over there.
by andy54452135884 November 06, 2006
1. nerd (n.) - one who takes an insult of a game, movie, or book so personally that they, in response, lash out at the person who insulted it with ad hominem attacks and insults (usually involving the slandering of their mother, their sex life, or their copulative organ)
1. Many nerds have pissed in my cornflakes on a number of occasions, all because I slandered their beloved Lord of the Rings.
by Frank Herdlin May 29, 2004

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