Much unlike to some of the things written on here, a nerd is a TYPE OF PERSON. Whilst there are various personalities to a person, what defines a nerd is what interests them and whether they pursue their interests.

Whilst stereo-types are described as "Someone who wears a shirt, trousers much too above the waistline, glasses, ugliness, etc" this is perhaps the most retarded visual description of a nerd. Clearly, what the person looks like would not only have to apply to everyone with said label "nerd" but anyone with said description would have to be the stereo type of a nerd. A nerd will dress as to how they obviously want to. I've seen nerds that look like chavs already. I've seen nerds WITHOUT GLASSES, OR YOUR SO-CALLED "Pocket Protectors". Obviously, if a PERSON dresses like that, well, what can you do? Insult him because he cares about looking good in uniform?

Think about an interview. You being dressed like a complete and utter chav walking into the booth; your interviewer in full uniform and eyes how you caringly dressed for the occasion as a buisiness person. Your interviewer not only would be higher than you instead of equal, but will more likely think "well, if he can't be arsed to dress properly, how can we expect the job done well enough?"

And about a nerds actions; THEIR PERSONALITY IS WHAT DICTATES THIS! If one nerd is quiet like me, they CAN'T ALL BE! If one is annoying, whats to say the others will annoy you?

I've read that apparently "Nerds have trouble conversiving with the opposite sex". That's completely retarded; it means that they arn't very confident, and have low self esteem. Why? Because they openly admitted they liked certain things that the rest of the group either never heard of or don't really like, and so, instead of accepting that people have different interests and seeing whether you have some similarities or not, you decide to shun them entirely, and complain when they have no confidence?? You people make me sick.

Of course, mostly during secondary school, most of the time the teacher will set some form of creative activity. The majority will do a poster on A3 paper. A few will do a PowerPoint Presentation, But there will always be the bright spark, who had gathered all that "useless" knowledge and proposes the development of an animation(at this time of writing I am actualy developing a CG Animation for a Science presentation, how excessive!). There will be those who were impressed, who will openly admit that they wouldn't be able to do it, and of course, they'll be the chavs who say that he's such a nerd. The point is, his interest, not yours. What really matters is whether said nerd is a dickhead or an egotistic fucktard. If he is, than you can say that he spent too much time bragging. But if he is a nice person, you can't just insult him, it just makes you look jealous.

As for nerds not interested in girls, I bet you'd be VERY wrong there. Trust me, their people, and want to have someone too, but obviously, seeing as their lack of confidence hinders them, instead of complaining about how they won't get girls, why not give advice? Sovles the problem doesn't it?

Oh, and as for the difference between geeks and nerds, since everyone says either "Nerds have a social life and geeks don't" and "Geeks have the life, nerds don't" I think maybe this will clear things up: THEY'RE THE SAME DAMN THING.

Thank you for reading!
Examples Of Nerd
LOL Myself: Well, if I decided to learn CG because it look cool, that can't be learned it school normally can it? :P

Anyone who goes on youtube and uploads a good video: Not in an insulting way, anyone who uploads a video with decent quality will understand the boundaries of quality. Most chavs I know will upload a video recorded with a mobile phone with the most retarded content ever.

Anyone who even handles a computer and knows what they're doing.
by Prower Power February 14, 2008
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Top Definition
One whose IQ exceeds his weight.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
An individual persecuted for his superior skills or intellect, most often by people who fear and envy him.
by zx August 15, 2002
An 'individual', i.e. a person who does not conform to society's beliefs that all people should follow trends and do what their peers do. Often highly intelligent but socially rejected because of their obesssion with a given subject, usually computers. Unfortunately, nerds seem to have problems breeding, to the detriment of mankind as a whole.
"Nerds are clearly superior to us in every way.. Let's worship them as our Gods"
by IkeM September 27, 2003
A stereotypical label used to describe a person that is socially inadequate. A four letter word, but a six figure income.
Think Bill Gates, but typically on a smaller scale.
by merebear May 25, 2004
That Nerd is my kind of person!
by ecs25858 December 10, 2010
A person who gains pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people to be bothered with.

Often mistaken for Geeks, who aspire to become nerds, yet lack the intelligence, and end up giving nerds a bad name due to their poor social skills.

Non-nerds are often scared of nerds, due to their detailed knowledge, and therefore seemingly high levels of intelligence - and subsequently denegrate them as much as possible as often as possible.

Nerds exist covertly within the fabric of society, often choosing to 'nerd it up' in private or in the company of fellow nerds. It is for this reason they are feared the most - unlike geeks, who are easily identified, nerds can only be found out when casual conversation reaches a subject that they like nerding.
Geek: "I am a nerd"
Nerd: "Let's bash this nerd"

Nerd: "That'll teach you to go playing with my tesla coil"

by Nerdinator November 01, 2003
the group of people who will most likely make a life changing invention that will radically change the world. the computer was invented by a nerd. the macintosh/apple and windows were invetned by nerds. jocks and normal people have no claim to civilization except for being the hard labor. nerds actually do the thinking. so jocks, fuck you, and go eat your steroids
Nerds created almost everything that civilzation needs, such as computers, calculators, windows, etc.
by LilChineseEgo <--thats my AIM March 20, 2004
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