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When a man procedes to use the method of Rusty Toolshed while a woman is on her period. The woman then pushes the mixture out into a cup, where a man mastubates until he busts into the mixture. The now completed mixture is then poured into the man's anus with the aid of a funnel, and is then excreted ino the woman's mouth. She is then punched in the face while simultaneously swallowing, causing the mixture to squirt out of her nose. The man now laughs at his creation, his lover now covered in bubbly jizzblood, liquified shit, and nasal mucus.
Example 1:

Guy 1: Hey Dude, best night ever last night! Gave my bitch a Neopolitan Super Glazing!
Guy 2: What the fuck is that?
Guy 1: Here's a Picture
(Shows Picture)
Guy 2: Holy Shit! That's Fucking Sick!
Guy 1: Yeah It is my greatest masterpeice! Tasted fucking great to!

Example 2:

I gave my girlfriend such an amazing Neopolitan Super Glasing last week, her nostrils are still burning and she got fired because of her stench. Her boss said her smell reminded him of one night he had in a taxi rank when he was drunk.
by The Man with a Sack of Mince March 27, 2008
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