Neopets WAS fun, addicting, kind, caring and overall a good website where you play fairly, explore worlds, buy items from shops, get a pet, paint your pet and chat on the boards.

Now it is filled with no-good staff trying to make money with pointless merchandise and games. For example, they make plushie and games in where you get them you get a code you enter to get some rare item or website theme. WOW

Here are the main problems with Neopets, the example are given below:

1. They "freeze" you for nothing or being too rich.

2. The staff are too obsessed in money

3. The Boards

4. They dont care about you, only themselves and thier friends.

5. Just dont play it.
1. Yes, I have been frozen about 3 times.
On my first account, I was frozen for having 1 million nps that I was saving and they said I scammed someone.
Next I made another one with a cloud Jubjub which I worked hard for the pb.If you didnt know already Jubjubs are wierd little fluffballs with teary eyes. I recieved a neomail to go to a scam website, and I refused. I made a board not to go to it. Then some stupid idiotic report-happy reported me of scamming when I clearly said NOT to go!!
One of the reasons why I think she reported me is because I had a cloud jubjub and I was a newbie, and she was playing for 8 and a half years and still have a red Lupe!
My third account got suspended for no reason either, I was lending an avatar item only if someone lent me another avatar item, and the same report happy reported me for scam, maybe because I was a newbie and I had a draik, but I got it fair and square in a random event! She still had that red lupe, level 1, and now that girl is on my death list >:)

2. Yes, the staff are. They recently made the "Neomall" with "neocash", a neopian currency which you have to pay for in Dollars, and all of the merchandise is sold in America, which is unfair to someone who plays in the UK or Australia.
That means you have to pay for customizable clothes for your pet, and even stuff for your neohome!
Also they made "Neopets premium" which allows people to get the best of of Neopets, but BOOHOO, You have to pay for it, IN DOLLARS!!!

3. The boards used to be fun, but now they suck. They are filled with STUPID REPORT HAPPIES (See number 1)that report you for nothing, even for saying you need something for a quest and you will pay them back or when you say "W4zzup" and they always think your a n00b.
Talking about n00bs, they are little pesky people that beg for stuff until they annoy you to death and you give give them it. E.G:

Noob: G1v3 m3 4 p41nTbrUsh
Me: Sorry, I cant afford one right now.
Noob: 0H your3 s0 m3an! I 4m g0In to r3p0rt U!

Yeah, they type like that.

4. They only care about their accounts, and they dont freeze them no matter how many rules they break, and you are only allowed to have 4 pets? The staff members have unlimited pets AND Painbrushes!

5. EG:

1: Hi I play neopets, its so great! I found a codestone!
2:They froze me...
1: Reported!!
2: Dont say that I didnt tell you so!
1: Shut up you freak! OOHH! I found a pirate pb!!
Two years later...

Neopets: This account has been frozen for being too rich, saying you like <insert website name here> better than neopets and not buying neocash!!
2: I told you so...
1: Yeah but I found a better website!
2: Hey I like that website too!

1 month later...

1 (looking at Neopets homepage, with big letters in red saying BUY NOW! NEOOLLARS! IF YOU DONT BUY ANY YOULLE GET FROZEN!!!):I cant believe I used to play this crap...

3 years later...

Neopets has gone broke, the staff are in jail for money-making schemes, adam has commited suicide and the whole website has been shut down for eternity!!

Everyone: YAY!
*War stop immediently, world hunger has stopped and global warming has been a thing of the past*

It was neopets that created all the crisis!
Neopets should be CANCELLED!!
by GlacierDragon5474 December 29, 2008
a once good site whihc is now fucked up they claim they haven't been hacked when in fact they have they freeze you for the most stupidest reasons and you canot utter a single word on the boards without getting reported fuck it all and not to mention the fucking favorism (featheralley) and now thye have premium but wait a second didn't they always say they would be free i lost all my respect to tntn neopets and the players i liked the old days when we use to be able to link out of neopets when report happies were put down and flammed and when tntn actually cared for the players.
newbie: hi i am new

report happy: reported for spam.

many ppl will say that they enforce the rules by reporting ppl pah pathetic a lame excuse just to hide how powerless they are in real life i will soon have a list of reprot happies i know in neopets.
by maddog007396 November 22, 2005
I used to play neopets but I got addictided so I stopped. It used to be alright but some nazi geezer crapped it all up you get frozen for no reason in hell!
Neopets sucks- I got frozen for calling my neopets shit_head when thats what my child's gonna be called.
by Stacie July 27, 2004
Neopets... Used to be fun but now is just a big stinking pile of report-happys, glitches and POWER-CRAZY LEADERS, e.g. Adam and his asparagus.

You are reported for saying, hi, church was sooooo cool today, we sang songs! The site is over-run by n00bs who can't spell and trip over each other to report you.

You haven't got a hope in hell of winning any contest as all the 30 year old freaks are sticking their brains in. Advertising has taken over the site. Who cares about what McDonalds is serving today? It's never open anyway!

Your pets can starve but there is no way to actually kill them, why oh why did I ever join neopets and think it was fun.

I joined when I was only about 7, they took great fun in freezing my account by saying I was stealing from someone else! I WAS 7 YEARS OLD!

(Also, the contests are very, very hard!)

Lenny Conundrum:

A man walks around Neopia 17 times, he starts off on the 14th of May, on the way, he stops 5 times for 20 minutes, 3 times for 8 minutes and 9 times for 18 minutes! Overall it takes him 96 hours to walk around...

How many cream buns did his Chomby eat on the way?

Answer next week: 5 and a half, he lost his appetite on the 5th!

0 users won this neopets contest!
by Indigox April 09, 2007
Literally means "new pets."

I totally agree with the definitions already put.....I'm addicted, that's what my mom and dad say. I really should be practicing more piano and working on my homework and projects harder, but yeah, the site is addicting people. Warning. It is very addicting. I already am okay neopoint-wise (the currency there) but I mainly use it for chat now.....even though I can say practically nothing other than neopets talk, which is really boring.....but I don't know.....I like talking to people like in Canada or across the U.S., so I guess that's why.....hmm.....I dunno, I guess adam and donna know how to addict people.....
Neopets is addicting. Go on it, and you probably will get addicted. They freeze too many people, and I got a warning for doing a gift war on the boards. Really really strict.
by C.C. December 22, 2004
Same thing as Pepsi, a scam.

Guy 2: Told you, you were gonna get fucked.
by Fuckthepainaway March 21, 2005
A highly addictive virtual pet site that started out small and close-knit, with the staff caring a lot more about the users and the rules were not so strict. There were no advertisements or sponsor games/items. In about 2004 they started to get a bit more greedy and money hungry, so they started to make mcdonald's meals, plushies, books, magazines, keychains, even clothes. This caused a bunch of little kids and n00bs to run wild all over the site, and the deletion of the GC (General Chat) caused them to infest the regular boards, like Help Chat and Avatar Chat. Then they started to put ads all over the site, some being innapropiate, and sponsor games. The rules became a lot stricter, and now you cannot post any picture of you on the site, doesn't matter how you are dressed, you can be wearing a snowsuit and you would still get frozen. There are absolutely NO swear words, not even 4 letter words like hell or damn, and if you make a board relating to anything in real life, you will be warned. Many users have gotten frozen for no reason, and TNT (The Neopets Team) often makes big decisions (like the layout change in 2007) with no consideration of the users. Neopets is still a fun site, with games, items, pets, guilds, chat, graphics, and so much more. It is very enjoyable to unwind for a few hours on Neopets after a long day, but the site isn't what it used to be. Nowadays Neopets has a premium service for almost 100 dollars a year just for a few more random evens and an extra mailbox. They have the NC Mall (Neocash Mall), with special clothes and trinkets that move. You can buy Neocash cards for up to 25 dollars, or if you have paypal, you can spend as much as you'd like. My conclusion is Neopets is still a very fun site, but it used to be better without the addition of ads, more rules, and merchandise galore.
If you hate looking at ads everywhere you go on Neopets, visit for a step-by-step adblocking tutorial that works in AOL, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.
by Jazzy_Rock July 10, 2008
A highly addicting game with virtual pets that can suck you in quite easily. However, Doug Dohring screwed the whole site over by adding huge ugly banners on every page, and the idiot total is rising quickly. If you can get around such things (Adblock for Firefox and Italian boards!), it's a nice site to be on... I recommend having one main account and one account to chat with, as the report-happies suck.
Me: ... Yeah. I play Neopets.
Me: -sweatdrop- No.
by Naru February 25, 2005
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