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A medical condition first brought attention to by renown American-Amish juggler/toilet cleaner and 7th best kazoo musician in the world today, Nenad Bach. He also is doubly blessed as being rumoured to be the next face of the Quaker Oats company. Symptoms include immediately putting ones arms around even total strangers as soon as a camera is in the vicinity. (Mr Bach is also very close to eclipsing the world record for having images on the internet of himself putting his arms around people for photo opportunities, that distinction is currently owned by some Brazilain soccer player from the 70's who died of a heart attack during a zoo sex orgy) Other symptoms include penning ridiculously titled musical shorts. (They're not really songs) Not changing your hairstytyle or fashion choices......ever, pretending spontaneously that one is a symphony conductor, especially when in crowded places like the subway, lobbies, malls and/or sporting events. As well as pretending to be an aristocrat and intelligent when posed with a question that will blow his cover, by simply holding his chin with 3 fingers. A simple google search shows the horrific examples of this obnoxious and nauseating medical condition, People who live with this condition purportedly have untold numbers of garbage bags in their garage and closets stuffed with photos of themselves with arms around all sorts of people and pets Quantity. not quality is their mantra. A year round Dungeon Tan is also a side effect.
Check out that fucktard Glen. he put his arm around that gay retarded bag boy for a snapshot, and doesn't even know him. Nenad-Bach Syndrome me thinks.
by Manny the muel December 05, 2010

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