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The act of ejaculating inside an anus and having a third party orally extract the discharge and transfer it to the first recipient's mouth.
That's weird but kinda hot, man"I was participating in a menage a trois, with two attractive females, when after climaxing inside a girl's ass the other woman performed a nemmy.

That's weird but kinda hot, man
by Senor Skeet December 15, 2010
A really hot asian chick. She really is a sight for sore eyes...well if you're blind...ZING...she thinks she's good at Halo, and since she's a girl we tell her she's amazing(when she really sucks.) She's currently nerding it up in some Academy located in some Bergen place...
Whoa Nemmy, I never knew you were such a sexual being.

Nemmy, you're an excellent Halo player(*cough*)

That Nemmy is one fucking Crasian and a half.
by Po The Show October 25, 2004
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