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Nemes started when brothers Christopher Anthony and David Anthony started jamming in their basement around two thousand years ago.
The first show played under the title Nemes was in February of 2004, a bootleg version of the show featuring Joshua Knowles and David Anthony, as well as a few friends of the band, are available to anyone who asks.

Nemes started as an acoustic band but is further pursuing a full band electric sound as of late. Including electric guitars, bass, drums, and synth.

Singer/Guitarist Dave Anthony offers that Nemes is a very close and personal project for him. "If you listen close, the songs are a story and its a whole concept. I am very glad to be back playing with Nemes with my closest friends"

Drummer Chris Anthony: 'If you look for "Nemes" in the dictionary you'll discover it is slowly but surely becoming a musical revolution as well as a rock and roll takeover'
Nemes is semen spelled backwards
by poolshrkpimp August 25, 2008
Pronounced "neem."

N. A negated meme. A forgotten idea which has been purposely eradicated or incidentally lost through lack of transmission within a culture.

c.2009 by K.A.O.; product of an overcaffeinated brain, transmitted through jittery fingers to the first site that would take it.
1.The idea that Macra ruled the human colony was now nothing but a neme. The invaders lived separately and routinely brainwashed the settlers until not a whisper of suspicion remained.

2. Some symbolism within ancient structures is now a neme and may only be guessed at by the modern mind.

3. I wish with all my heart that 'lolspeak' would become a neme.
by _ceru_ October 06, 2009
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