A very fine du' rep'n for St. Louie. He is a Southern Hip-Hop rapper. He has some tight music. He's a pimp in every sense of the word..
Nelly makes it soo hot in herre..
by d*arc December 29, 2003
Yet another word for the male parts. Funniest as a double meaning in cheesy jokes about being dared to do something naked.
Diving into the pool naked? Not on your nelly!
by Rose likes pie November 18, 2009
A silly or stupid person
You nelly!
by marshmallowFISH January 23, 2011
A word often used in contrast or instead of fuck. Not offensive to anyone but used when irritated.
If Someone asks:
"Do You Fancy Me?"
You Would Reply with:
"Do I Nelly!"
by Let's Get Excited April 15, 2009
1. a tight polo shirt wearing POP ARTIST/homo from St.Louis who thinks wearing nasal strips on his cheek is "cool"

2. got owned by KRS-ONE

"You tired of me saying what's real Hip-Hop / Well I'm tired of you biting my cockand "Sales don't make you the authority / It means you sold out to the white majority / What you know about seniority / You ain't major/Your whole album appeals to little second graders."
Nelly is nowhere to be found after KRS ripped the SHIT of him
by tha truth teller May 30, 2006
A gay St. Louis rapper who half-raps and half-sings. Looks like a complete queer. Wears a band-aid under his eye because he thinks it makes him look hardcore. Keeps saying EIEI like a donkey. Old Mcdonald had a farm, EIEIO, nigga!
Nelly: EIEI uh oh! Im a sucka fo cornbread, mashed potatoes, and peas, and graaaaaavy! EIEIO nigga EIEIO! I have no talent nigga! Imma plug Ja-Rule's ass! peace!
by Zeebo the Barber October 28, 2006

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