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(1)The epitome of fashionistic exemplification.
The French call it 'chic' the Rest call it 'nellie'

(2)Popular, Famous or female for 'starlet'
Originates from Alabama USA, used by the locals.

'Who do you think you are? some kind of Nellie?!?'
by Jo Blogg January 03, 2008
228 116
Sweet, beautiful girl, very intelligent and creative. Though very stubburn and often pessimistic. More of a leader then follower. Often not one of the most popular girls around, but does have a group of friends. You would be very lucky to have a Nellie in your life. Wether a friend or lover. Nellie's often switch back and forth from the dark and light side. They will get evil if pushed to it, but will be an angel if treated right. Love to pull pranks! And often act before thinking.
Darren- "Who's that girl?"
Alexander- "Nellie, she's a winner!"
by Aaralyn Alvera ;) August 28, 2011
182 41
a whore; one who's amazing in bed.
Picks up orgasmic boys. :]

Wow man, i had this girl in bed last night. She was such a nellie!
by lichhh November 18, 2007
196 176
sisters, for life. nothing can or ever will break up the two bestfriends that share this bond.
nellie-"shawty id take a bullet for you girl, cause you mean the world to me"<3
by sydneyyyyyy June 23, 2009
81 67
1. An effeminate or homosexual male.
2. A feeble, soft person.

(also spelt nelly)
Who's that kid who sits in the front seat?
Who cares? He's such a nellie.
by Daisy May 12, 2005
88 105
Noun: A nosy person, who is often butting into conversations and eavesdropping.

Verb: The action of butting into or eavesdropping on conversations.
I was using my mad, nellie skills to interrupt and join conversations that I wasn't a part of.

Today I was totally nellied during school, when my classmate kept butting in my conversations. She's so annoying.
by J. W. Kizzle September 07, 2011
18 44
(n.) One who derives pleasure from others' pain or embarrassment. Usually illiterate and reeks of b.o. Often paired with "smelly".
What stinks?? Must be a smelly nellie in here! She's so fat she's stinking up the whole room
by ryanvanmarten February 06, 2010
38 91