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A self-proclaimed internet celebrity, who encourages girls to love their body with her group love your curves. She's probably best known for her vintage fashion style, and her place on Blue Plastic's Vain.

Probably one of the only e-celebs who doesn't have a typical scene image or encourage the scene culture.
Nellee Flamboyant...the one who does the anti pro-anorexia campaign.
by wilzy October 05, 2008
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Owner of myspace groups and trains phwoarrr and love your curves.
Has thousands of myspace friends and often writes blogs as well as joining numerous perfection trains and myspace groups.
Nellee know the one from myspace
by celia123 April 07, 2008
Famous person on myspace. Often described as being more "intelligent" than most myspace whores. Often writes blogs and has a huge interest in the cure.
Have you checked out Nellee Flamboyant's new blog?
Darling shes famous!
by monicadarling March 26, 2008
Real name Megan Nell *or so she says*
British beauty made famous through myspace for doing nothing at all except being well spoken and pretty.
Is Nellee Flamboyant in your friend list?
by sophhxxx April 07, 2008

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