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An unspecific racial slur used for all people. This is said when you don't want to offend anyone but still want to be funny at the same time.
William: Look at that nekka, he thinks he's so cool!
Javon: Right, what a poindexter! Let's beat him up.
by Kalu Njoku May 22, 2006
A beautiful woman that loves everything and everyone. A girl with a big heart with full of potential. Hilarious and full of energy. She is very sweet, guys fall for her quick but since she loves to love no one guy holds her heart.. she is hard to get, anyone in a relationship with this woman should consider themselves lucky! The epitome of a loyal beautiful woman.
I wish I had a Nekka.
by Atlas69 January 16, 2013
Nekka is a type a girl you would always wanna be around with but then again you have to have money a car or something fun to do or she will be bored and keep her headphones on all day. She is very unique personality wise. Not to forget her toes but she will have E.T. toes, that start off thin and end up looking like a gumball. Everyone loves them because they look like E.T. and E.T. is cute like so adorable that you want to just squeeze her toes give em Eskimo kisses.
You Nekka feet! You should probably go to the doctors for that.
by Vanillaopy January 15, 2013
1. An imposing man; One of august persuasion.
2. Being of ample melanin.
Break yoself nekka!
by Kris October 22, 2003
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