A mild variation of the N word. Started by small town highschool kids.
Naw, nek, it's like -20 degrees.
by beatboxking2010 November 21, 2010
Top Definition
Nek is an abbreviation of the phrase Not Even Kidding
"I'm so angry at him, nek."
by Abatar June 23, 2013
Another way of expressing something as good.
"Yeah, that choon is well nek!"
by JiPwn July 11, 2006
Not even kidding.
Guy1:Ya that movie is already out , N.E.K
by Not even kidding November 01, 2010
A word used to describe somebody who is retarded, or somebody whom has no penis
Brandon: Ohh that Adam kid is such a Nek
Rupert: I know! He's a total retard
by Branz biatch July 28, 2008
nek means no
e.g someone says to you go tidy your room NEK
by TOAD October 11, 2003
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