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1. Negroid Macro-Race, denominating all black peoples world-wide, incl.:
a) African or West Ethiopians (Latin: 'Aethiopes Occidentales' or 'Aethiopes Afri', Greek: 'Aithiopoi Afrikoi'), &
b) Asian or East Ethiopians (L.: 'Aethiopes Orientales' or 'Aethiopes Asiatici', Gr.: 'Aithiopoi Asiatikoi')

2. 'Australoids with Negroid features', connoting tall Aboriginals, as opposed to the short Negritoes.

In the 1st framework, "The Australoid, or Oceanic, race constitutes the Eastern branch of the Negroid great race. Some of the Australoids, for example, those of the Solomon Islands, are so similar to the African Negroes that even anthropologists experience difficulty in distinguishing them." ('The Races of Mankind' Mikhail Fedorovich Nesturkh. Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1966, p.22)

In the 2nd, "It is now known that three waves of Negroids swept across India & Australia. First wave were the frizzy-haired pygmoid Negritos or Barrineans, who still survive in NE Queensland, Australia & the Andaman Islands. They were followed by the Murrayians or Veddoids, a brown-skinned wavy-haired people, who survive mostly in Southern Australia & Ceylon. The last were the taller, slender, black, wavy-haired Dravidians proper or Carpentarians, who populated most of India, & North & Central Australia. This group came from Sudan." ('Invasion of the Genes: Genetic Heritage of India' B S Ahloowalia. NY: Strategic Bk Publ.g, 2009, p 66)
eg) 'Negroid-Australoid Race' used for:

1) 'Black Race': "The Negroid Great Race. This race is also called Negroid-Australoid, Afro-Asian, or Equatorial, the last by reason of its geographical distribution. The following are its typical features (see Plate II): dark skin, hair & eyes; the hair of the head is in tight spirals or is wavy; as a rule the hair on the face & body is scanty although some groups have considerable body hair ... " (Nesturkh. op cit, p 18)

2) Tall Asian Blacks: "The Australoids may have originated in the Java region, whence they migrated to the adjacent islands & particularly to Australia, & to India & Ceylon & further west. When the Murrayan Australoids had settled all over Australia & Tasmania, waves of Negroids swept over Australia via Cape York & Oceania & formed a mixed population (Carpentarian). The Negroid factors are dominant in N Australia, Queensland & New South Wales where the tribes are taller in height, darker in complexion, limbs are longer, jaws are more prognathous & hair is more wavy to curly than in W Australia, S Australia & Victoria where the dominance of Proto-Australoid (Murrayan) factors prevail. But amongst the Melanesians, where the mixtures are almost of the same pattern, Negroid characteristics are more dominant in tall stature, black complexion, almost frizzy hair as found in New Britain, New Ireland, New Hebrides, Fiji." ('Sex life in Ancient India', Candra Cakravarti. Calcutta: Firma K.L.Mukhopadhyay, 1963, p.13)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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