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When a person, place or thing becomes overwhelming or chaotic. Loss of control.
I was going to go to the mall to finish up my Christmas shopping but it was way too neddy.
by ccoop January 04, 2009
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(Noun) A person or thing that is characterized by exceptionally jay qualities. Often accompanied by extreme lethargy, crippling indecisiveness, and an affinity for showers and sandwiches.

(Verb) To exhibit the above qualities, or to have someone with the above qualities impact your life negatively.

(Adj.) Of extremely jay or tiresome qualities. See: insolence.
(Noun) I just called the neddy. He can't come out tonight cuz he hasn't pooped yet, and there's a Gilmore Girls marathon on. What a fucking jaybag.

(Verb) The Metallica concert's tonight! Don't fucking neddy out on us!

(Adj.) Last night, I watched an old man take a crap on CBS. It was neddy as fuck!
by JeffroDiesel January 28, 2010
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