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When a fat chick dies, but there's still one last good fuck in her before she goes into rigormortis. The pussy is usually pretty cold and reuqires quite a bit of lube to make it enjoyable. You know a necropussy is expired with the arrival of maggots, at which point you should probably be calling someone.
My wife died last night from eating too much KFC, but I still got a piece of necropussy before calling the coroner. It wasn't the best pussy I ever got, but it was still the better than most sex I've had with her. She shit the bed too, like Chef in that episode of south was wet and runny and smelled worse than a urine stained homeless black guy on meth. Now I have to go to Sears to replace my diarrhea stained mattress. Anyone got a truck?
by cokemidget July 18, 2010
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