Bella Swan
Bella: I love you
Edward: You are my life now
yup.. Necrophilia..
by Mngwa September 04, 2011
The most desirable sexual act. The dead never say no.
Stupid people don't understand necrophilia is great.

Necrophilia is awesome.
by MoronJohn June 11, 2010
is when a man has sex with a dead body

statutory rape

having sex with someone who has not maturely developed all the way yet (as in the girl isn't flat chested, her chest is sunken in because she has not developed her chest yet.) In doing this the girl's boobs are flat for the rest of her life with no way of revival.

Having sex with a Courtney who boobs have not grown to a AAA yet.
Chris spread necrophilia love on Courtney.

Look at her at the age of 20 as her boobs just started to grow to a AA/30A though she's still skin and bone, but are still not revived from her AAA titties from when she was 14 from necrophilia.

Chris was having sex with a dead black girl in his apartment that he kept to himself... and that is called necrophilia.

The petaphilia is into necrophilia and crossdressing.
by what the fuck seriously August 03, 2011
The uncontrollable urge to crck open a cold one.
"my lust for rotten flesh is arising; now I must turn to necrophilia"
by Arachnademus May 28, 2003
The act of tenderizing your meat before dinner.
Injecting "flavor" into meat before eating it.
"Wow this is good meat what is it?"
"Oh It people, I believe its called Sara."
"How did you get it/her so tender and yummy?"
by B. Adams March 23, 2007
See: mung
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
Botany-A flower, often pussy shaped, involved in the making of several herbal aphrodisiacs. Also, in late season, a potent musk. Usually having white or pink petals and long stems.
What a lovely necrophilia! They sure are blooming early this year. Care for a smell?
by Weinberg Goldstien May 29, 2003

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