The uncontrolable urge to crack open a cold one
damn, I have the worst necrophilia
by Alex Gierczak November 01, 2008
it's basically being sexually attracted or turned on by corpses. people could either fantasize about them or they'll have actual physical contact with it.
it's kinda weird and creepy and illegal in alot of places i guess.
However, here in the US, there are no Federal laws against necrophilia, and only nineteen out of fifty states have anti-necrophilia laws.
—'Dear Sweet Filthy World' (Pt. One)
by shapes bbq December 18, 2010
One who is overly obsessed with the Twilight sensation Edward Cullen. Due to the fact that Edward Cullen has been dead for 100+ years, if you have an obsessive fascination with him, you are considered a necrophiliac
Girl 1: "Did you see that girl wearing Edwards face all over her clothes and covering the inside of her locker?"

Girl 2: "Yeah, She is such a Necrophiliac"
by Kaylala713 November 14, 2010
The raping of a dead human corpse.
Jey: Yo man, I just finished Liberty City Stories. I can't believe they made Donald Love have necrophilia!
Haris: I know right! And him being a cannibal! Dayum Rockstar!
by EpicMan3444564 December 22, 2013
The Funnest thing ever.
Necrophilia Is Fuckin Epic,I'm Gonna Rape That Dead Body Soooooo Super Hard That The Rigor Will Loosen Up!
by Sir.Davey October 15, 2010
The love of cracking open a cold one.
Ed Gien was into necrophilia, like some other serial killers.
by OpaqueRomance March 01, 2006
When one has the uncontrollable urge to crack open a cold one
Silly George Bush and his Necrophilia
by Nigga Neil August 11, 2004

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