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A necrophile is a person who prefers the company of the dead to the whiny, bitchy, nasty living. A necrophile does not have sex with the dead (that is a necrophiliac) and may commonly be found in cemeteries and morgues.
David is such a necrophile that he digs up people to invite to tea parties.

Samantha, being a necrophile, found it only logical to work in a morgue.
by Tao Ti February 07, 2008
One that likes sexual contact with corpses.
"That idiot over there is necrophile!"
by Tsuzuka January 12, 2005
A person who would rather fuck a cold,stinky, rotting corpse or maybe hump some roadkill, rather than have sex with a warm, good-smelling person.
Bob Smith is a filthy necrophile.
by Jay Mead October 25, 2003
a person who bangs corpses
I'm straight and so's my brother, but he's a Necrophile, so he bangs dead chicks.
by balrog1262 December 11, 2010
the practice of having sex with the dead, usu. applied to human corpses.
Tom Green said that just because he likes to hump dead mooses doesn't mean he's a necrophile.
by dougesoul March 18, 2003
someone who gets aroused by having sexual contact with corpses
jim enters the morgue where he works...his task for the day is to dress the dead corpse of julie. he is aroused by the control he has over the dead body so he approaches the body and rapes her... he is a sick necrophile and should be sentenced to death.
by notanecro May 04, 2007
Someone who likes to shag dead corpes after murdering them.
Ian Huntly killed Jessica Wells and Holly Chapman then raped them. He is a freaky pshycopathic necrophile.
by Joe Inferno January 11, 2006
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