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A fictional toy that appeared in the manga Azumanga Daioh. It often comes in the form of a small white kitten sitting on the head of a white cat, but also comes in different forms such as sleeping cats or Iriomote cats (An endangered species only found on the island of Iriomote in Japan) The character Sakaki is particularly fond of the brand.

The name "Neco Coneco" comes from the Japanese name, "Neko Koneko" which literally translates to "Cat Kitten." The romanization of its Japanese name also sounds like "Connected Cat."
Girl 1: I just love Neco Coneco! I wish they were real.....
Girl 2: Isn't that those cat dolls from Azumanga Daioh? It's a plush, right? Why don't you sew one?
Girl 1: That's a great idea! Too bad I can't sew....
by Lentils. February 22, 2014
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