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A hybrid of the root "Necro"; a Greek suffix meaning death, and the Greek suffix "Mech" or "Mecha"; meaning machine. Both suffixes are joined with "Philia"; a term associated with sexual attraction or affinity towards specific objects. Thus "Neccamechaphilia", is a term including "Necrophilia" and "Mechaphilia" into one new meaning. It is the act of stuffing a corpse into the exhaust pipe of a car, or other vehicle and continuously thrusting one's genatalia into it until reaching maximum sexual stimulation and finally climaxing.

This term was created in 2010 by a drunk Nick C, in Surrey British Columbia, Canada.
Senior Platypus: " Hey dude, what do you plan on doing this weekend with all your friends away at the cabin?"

Rudi: " I dunno man, maybe I'll finally crack open that corpse I've been saving for a while...and I haven't really christened my new car yet...."

Senior Platypus: "I hope your not talking about....Neccamechaphilia, are you? Because that's illegal as well as unhygienic."

Rudi: "But it's oh sooo nice. I love stuffing a bit o' dead body into an exhaust pipe of my favorite car...and just fucking its brains out"

Senior Platypus: "Well, if I can't stop you...I hope you understand the dangers of it! After the first day or two, the decomposing begins and the maggots start to appear - make sure you double-bag least thats what I read in "The Anarchist's Cookbook" anyways.."
by NickC13 July 31, 2010
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