A beautiful girl! The name means 'Pride' so she is hardworking to bring that status to her family. All Nazia's are fantastic and they don't open up easily so you will have to give them some time. When a boy likes a Nazia he has to be after her for a while before she will accept him because they are hard to get. Once guys start to know her they find her romantic and funny. Nazia's are often insecure so you have to constantly tell then how beautiful they really are even if they don't believe you. They are also very intelligent, at first they might seem a little cold but that's just a mask and inside they are people that will never forget to make you smile.

When you meet a Nazia you'll know bro.
by LjoeBro June 19, 2013
Top Definition
The Sexiest Kind Of Girl You'll EvEr Find
All Nazias Are SSeexxiii
by Boo Yea January 09, 2005
The baddest bitch you will ever meet. Nazia's are very outgoing once you get to meet her,she's also a undercover freak so you gotta watch her. Nazia's are unique you can tell by the name, she yurn for attention and always wants to be in a relationship. Nazia's never like to be alone they love to be around people. They are loyal so once you meet one keep them. Nazia's are good friends once you proove to them your not fake.
When you meet Nazia, You'll Love her.
by Im Me November 10, 2013
A name used to define a girl who is insecure about her sexuality and has lesbian tendencies.
Omg she's such a nazia, i saw her making out with a random girl the other day.
by John Cenaliyo October 10, 2011

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