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A woman who makes an effort to ride every black penis in the world (possibly even a black vagina with a black dick strap-on) while at the same time being overly concerned with trying to micro-manage and dictate how people live their lives (especially when all the person want is for the Nazi Nightriding Whore to shut the hell up and go the fuck away)
Person 1) ugh... this bitch wont go away and stop trying to control my life
Person 2) that's rather unpleasant.
Person 1) and she keeps trying to screw all of my black friends.
Person 3) so shes a Nazi Nightriding Whore?
Person 1) YEAH!!
Person 2) are you talking about your mother again?
Person 1) how'd you know?!?!
by courtneythemaster September 18, 2012
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