A shortened term for, "know what I'm sayin'?"
Often used to enhance informal conversation.
-I have to go fill a hole in my backyard.
-I'll fill your hole in my backyard, nawmsayin'?
by Skelectory April 07, 2009
Slang in the interweb world for, "Know what I'm sayin?"

Person 1 - I have a Honda Civic.
Person 2 - Honda Civics are gay, nawmsayin.

by Mr Laocean May 04, 2006
Variation (and Scotty P from We're the Millers) of "Know what I'm Saying?"
David Miller: No regrets? Not even one letter?
Scotty P: Nope *has "NO RAGRETS" tattooed over collar bone area*

by flutterguy sunshine June 16, 2014

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