Inquiring if other individuals understand
Jayno: Naw Mean!?!
Rick: Yeah bro I completely understand.
by youngjesuspiecewearer January 21, 2011
Top Definition
Slur of the words "know what I mean."
That was dope, naw mean?
by ShAdOw January 02, 2003
expression for "Do you know what I mean."
Jacob asked Jody,"Nawmean?" and she replied,"Sure, I nawyoumean."
by Jupiter Armstrong April 17, 2004
Short ghetto slang for "Do you know what I mean?".
Yo! My Homies be trippin' me. It be upsettin' me Dog. Nawmean?
by Tom May 31, 2007
That Ninja Scroll thinks he's cool and tries to get everyone to follow him.
Yeah, is off the hizzy, naw mean?
by Casper January 02, 2003
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