For this you will need a toilet, 1 girl, and 1 guy.
Place girls face in toilet water and fuck her in the ass. You just got Navy Sealed!!!
by Shelby Twp MI July 09, 2010
1) Navy Special Forces (Sea, Air and Land - SEAL) who are generally considered one of the best special forces units around.

2) A war chant uttered by an individual who is about to commit a very brave, yet foolish, action.
1) My brother is in the Navy Seals.

2) Mike screamed "NAVY SEALS!" before running out of cover into a swarm of enemies.
by Darkz November 16, 2006
a elite group of Specwarriors who kick ass wherever there is water AND land
The seals kick ass
by marineman August 06, 2003
navy seals, 1 of 2 most elite groups of the us military. the guys 2 call if u need something done right without any mistakes overnight. they can kick ur ass and u wont know what hit you.
Brass: hey SOCOM get those navy seals to kick the ass
by sgt smallz January 11, 2006
Navy SEALs (SEa, Air and Land) Special Operations Teams who generally Pwn all who chanegelle them.......yes they even pwn the SAS (Brits =/)
Damn Those Navy SEALs Kicked teh Shit out of them terrorists
by P-Giffy November 07, 2003
MEN who kick ass and take numbers later. They simply are the badest military group in the world. Delta Force and SAS simply do not compare. Delta is an ARMY branch, meaning they are not NAVY, and SAS is brittish, meaning they don't match up to AMERICAN levels. Navy SEALS are the best of the best. You cannnot get any more determined nor more motivated individuals than the SEALS. You may try, but you will fail a firefight, no lie
The Navy SEALS were called in to plant raders for the AIR FORCE to drop bombs in IRAQ. Note: the SEALS were their FIRST and everybody else came second. They ARE the best Special Force Operations in the world. Second to SAS? I dont think so. Navy SEALS go through the toughiest military training in the world. They make any SAS look like school boys. period. no questions asked. and if you do. try to complete BUD/s
by Navy SEAL in future April 10, 2009
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