A game where two people stare at each intently while masturbating. Who ever "finishes" into their hand first slaps their opponent in the face with the handful of jizz. If the person getting slaps flinches they have to eat their opponents load.
Hey man you wanna go play Navyseals?
by Mr tiki456 March 10, 2013
something you would yell while sneaking up on someone and hitting them in the back of the head. Interchangeble with ninja kill!
man one: whats that...
by awesome five October 24, 2009
Verb; To willingly charge a room filled with gunmen while firing at them with an assault rifle. Usually done in pairs where one player shouts, "NAVY SEALS!" and the other then replies back the same phrase and runs into a room firing randomly usually ending in one player dying.
-standing outside room-
Player One: "Dude, NAVY SEALS!"
Player Two: "NAVY SEALS!"
Player Two Dies.
by Paradox91 July 22, 2009
HOOYAH! Hootin, Lootin' and Parchutin' Frogmen who Kick Ass and take names later. Members of Naval Special Warfare Command who have the illest and sickest equipment for the execution of special operations. Feared by Evil and respected worldwide the many countries send their frogmen to Coronado, California for BUD/S Training so that they too can kick ass with the rest of the free world.
When it absolutely positively has to be taken out overnight, Call 1-800-US NAVY SEALS
by DEVGRU September 17, 2003
American special forces. Highly skilled and dangerous. Took out Bin Laden. There's Americans who debate, oh holy shit the SEALs are the best in the world and then there's everyone else saying no, the SAS is. But seriously, who gives a shit both of them are pretty fucking elite and will kill you with their bare hands in 300 different ways.
The rest of the world:You retarded Americans, the SAS will kick their asses any day.
by ryan12345 March 19, 2013
The Navy seals are the American Counter Terrorist army.
Usually considered the 2nd best ''elite special operations forces'' group, second to the SAS (British equivilant)
Only the Americans say that the Navy Seals are the best, but worldwide, most countrys consider the SAS the greatest, not in numbers, but my the disipline, training and loyalty of the SAS.
Damn, I wouldn't want to screw with the Navy seals.
by Tree frog August 28, 2006
1. A totally bad ass division of the U.S. special forces that train for 2 years and endure some of the most hostile terrain. To be a navy SEAL you have to ignore excrusiating pain and focus one one goal, the Trident.

2. What I'm going to be in 6 years.
Wow, i just spent 2 years of my life training to become a well-oiled fine-tuned bad-ass-killing-machine and get this trident and have the right to be called a Navy SEAL. HOOYAH!!!
by MikeDeezy October 11, 2005
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