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When two friends have sex with the same girl, this girl who happens to have an extremely DRY vagina.

It's not eskimo brothers because Navajo Indians are from the desert.
Sahara, Navajo Brothers BD + CR
by Hockeystud May 24, 2011
n. Refers to two males who have received fellatio from the same female. It is a variation of the term Eskimo Brothers.
"-Did you hear that Mindy went down on John right in the library?

-Shit! That makes us Navajo Brothers!."
by MarsBars439 May 03, 2010
When two men use the same video or still image "inspiration" for masturbation purposes.
Bob: "Hey man, check out this video!"
Mike: "Holy shit, I know this video, I abused her last night!".

Bob and Mike simultaneously: "Navajo Brothers!"
by portopy February 04, 2010