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brand of clothing that make sick shirts that lads and graffas wear.
Tommo: ben that nautica shirt is sik
Ben: i no braz
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
Established in 1983, by David Chu. Another American classic reinterepreted by using the sea and technology as themes in their fashion line.
I wear "Nautica" by David Chu.
by A.D. June 30, 2004
A very very very very very sexy chick
Did you see her? She was a total Nautica.
by BLOOP324324 August 19, 2011
An American clothing company and store line with clothing that can be considered semi-prep. Often liked by newer "preppy" families who don't want to go full prep and shop at J-Crew (these families may include a JAP). The stores are dominated by collared shirts, typically polos, and slacks, although jeans do have a wall.
A Nautica outfit: Light blue polo and slacks, accompanied by cross-train sneakers or old topsiders and a Red Sox cap.
by Scalfin April 17, 2009