When Nature gets a hold of you in uncontrollable ways. There is something in the air that makes you want to do things you arent normally acustomed to doing. The musk of oxe and the combination of countries (United States and Canada) united to make one resourceful way of changing human kind.
Jay and I went to meijers to cause nature.

The shingle on the roof magically disappeared because of nature.

The forest behind our house was taken out by nature.

I cant wait for the water to freeze so nature can occur.

Did you see nature last night?

"Who ate the quesedillas on the ride home?" "must have been nature!"

Starting fires in a glass cup in a living room can only be natures fury leashing back.
by Ecass23 January 19, 2007
Top Definition
Nature is what creates balance in our world. The deepest point in the ocean, the most beautiful rose or even a simple tree continues to inspire daily. Nature reminds us that there is constant creation, destruction and regeneration that comes with the cycle of life. Natures is the reason why we have resources to live by, as well as being the foundation to everything that encompasses our world. It is much too powerful to try and combat, which is why we need to learn to respect nature. Take off your shoes, sink your toes into the green grass and you be the judge… in touch with nature we are all at peace.
Without respecting our environment and nature the world will not be able to function.
by dylan abbey August 15, 2005
An erection.
Little boy, on waking in the morning: "Mamma! What's wrong? It's sticking up!"

Mother to her son: "That's okay, little man. It's just nature."
by smokinbluegrass July 10, 2008
The bitch responsible for hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards, volcanos, landslides, avalanches, and wild fires.
Dude, the midwest just got fucked up again by nature.
by jay-x May 02, 2008
(1) Nature is what happens when the airs of the north and south meet. When the ox and northernly bodies mesh to become united for a just cause. When unexplained happenings unfold before your eyes like a christmas morning miracle.

(2) When combinations of sweet nectars from the tree of life are joined with a male bonding.
J and I got natured up last night.

Nature was in full force ripping off shingles and hurling them towards people.

Nature got a hold of us, and alcohol was suddenly missing from meijers. "go get the car."

The forrest behind my house got taken out by nature in september.

Nature got the best of us on the golf course. It didnt allow us to finish all 18 holes.

Throwing rocks at windows and being chased down the street can only be nature's doing.

A fireball of fury was created by nature inside our house.
by Eric Cassidy January 22, 2007
A state of being that everyone secretly aspires to as long as they don't have to experience it first hand.
Guy A: For my new year's resolution I vow to be one with nature

Guy B: Wow, so you're going to go without proper clothing, transport, entertainment or even shelter and exist on a diet of tree bark and bugs?

Guy A: Uh, I was thinking more along the lines of buying organic potatoes... but when you put it that way it makes my perception of nature sound flawed. I'm going to drive home now, watch TV and eat a giant take out pizza before going to bed in my comfortably heated house.

Guy B: You're welcome..
by anonnonononononon August 07, 2006
a low key reference to marijuana or marijuana smoking or being high
" yo blaze that nature"

"ayy r u high?"
"you already no im out in nature!"

"we bout to head out in nature nawimsayn?"
by Fabianmyniggas August 06, 2009
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