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What they tel you when you have used every method of tube tying, vasectomy, double bagging, pill form of kid contrloe known to man and still end up in nine months with a Dr. in your ear looking up you under carrage saying, "OK now PUSH"

There is an article that was printed a fews yearts back on a family that ended up having a set of twin Girls 5 years after he had a vasectomey and she had he tube ligated after thier marrage. They were a Bi-Racial Couple and feared the pressures of what there kids would go threw so they decided to have the procedures done. 5 years later she is pregnant and the man accuses her od cheating and leaves her durring the pregnancy only to find out durring a test going on when the mother had pre-term labor problems due to anxiaty attacks,that he was the father of the twin girls. Bet he felt like an ass. TRUE STORY
Girl: I don't get it! We were always so darn careful. Why us? How the heck did this happen? We used a darn rubber ever friggen time!
Doc: nature finds a way to get you caught by the balls when your not paying attention.
Girl: That's not funny, thats all your saying? Don't you get the situation I'm in?
Doc: Well you decide what to do untimatly.
Girl: Thanks Doc, I feel soooo much better now. Oh shit what do I do?
(6months later)
Girl: They decided for me and told me to shut up.
Doc: You know once this gets to you it's going to harm you mentaly right?
Girl: I'll be ok
(3years later: full on mental breakdown)
The point is, nature finds a way and just don't have sex if your not prepared to handle the reprocutions when nature shows you whos boss and will create it for you. Now it's done and on The Mr. To decide what to do.
by FCK3D4L!f3ByMoth3rN@tur3 May 31, 2010
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