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1. Usually said at the end of two or more consecutive sentences in a row, despite the content of the actual sentences themselves.

2. A phrase said by Tyrone, from the must-see film Requiem for a Dream, during an unusually filmed scene in which the word becomes a part of the beat being played in the background.

3. Something my friend and I decided to say at the end of sentences to refer to the movie and get in a cheap laugh on short notice.
The tower had an eternal blaze of fire spewing from beneath it, naturally.
by Harry Goldfarb January 08, 2009
1: A term people use when they mean the exact opposite.

2: The perfect get-out in tricky conversations.
'Where, on earth, did you manage to find naturally produced meat balls, Fiona?'

'In Sainsburys.'

'I assume you've remembered me in your will?'

by Albert Woods September 08, 2007