A trailor-trash beer that no one would drink if it wasn't so cheap and didn't have a little bit higher alcohol content than the standard.
Natty Ice is even worse than Canadian beer.
by Chernorizets Hrabr December 05, 2004
Among the most disgusting substances on Earth, and the nadir for critics of domestic beer (ie. everyone who doesn't bang fat trailer-trash skanks). Natty ice is produced by Anheuser-Busch, the world's highest-volume beer producer and bringer of fine products such as brewery worker excrement (aka Budweiser). Natty Ice is remarkable as one of the few beers that is almost completely devoid of hops.

Natty Ice is popular among frat boys with completely empty lives who go by the doctrine, "free beer is good beer." However, if you consider KFC to be palatable, you may just love the taste of Nat.
1: How am I supposed to drink this beer? It tastes like Natty Ice?
2: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine it's something better, like salty water.
by kickflipthecat September 24, 2007

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