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(n) Acronym for the Augusta National Golf Course

rednecks that inhabit the outskirts of Augusta GA use this term as an abbreviation for the famous country club and Masters location Augusta National Golf Club

Also southern, white, semi-urban, males commonly referred to as "bros" may occasionally abuse this acronym in an attempt to further reinforce their "bro-ness", and also to draw attention to their self proclaimed "swagger"
Jarrett: Hunter! Whats up bro!

Hunter: My man J-money Jarrett! whats good bro?!
Jarrett: Not much bro, just walkin to Chick Fil A to meet up with this chick I met at the polo bros, yolo hoes party last Tuesday night.

Hunter: No way bro! I heard all the bitches got super wierd at that party!
Jarret: Ya dude it was an incredible experience for sure. What are you getting into this weekend bro?
Hunter: BRO! My Dad's client hooked him up with Master tickets, but he is in Dallas on a business trip.
Im going to Natty Gusta bro!
by ga white boy April 09, 2013

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