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Also known as Valentines Day. This is the one time of year where you are guaranteed to feel absolutely horrible about yourself because you do not have a significant other. It is the day where you sit around your house in your robe, watch The Notebook, eat a lot of chocolate and think about why no one's attracted to you.
Suzie: *crying cuz Bobby dumped her*
Becky: "National Singles Awareness Day is upon us. Let us watch chick flicks and gorge ourselves with chocolate candy. Somehow this will make you feel better."
Suzie: Ok!
by lauren000007 February 05, 2006
falls on February 14th. its what single people celebrate while there couple friends go on dates
Joe: hey how is your valentines day going?
Zach: oh i celebrate National singles awareness day. i hate the presents and stuff
by Zach Bess February 14, 2008
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