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A day of pimping. Each year NPD falls on the Saturday of the NFL draft. Originated in April of 2006, this annual holiday was created in order to celebrate the pimpness of a group of friends. NPD is comparable to a bachelor party, but instead of only occuring once, occurs annually. Historically, the day has begun with 18 holes of golf. All pimps then meet up at a house to watch the draft, where in addition to waching the draft, pimps partcipate in other pimptivities such as drinking,grilling, and video games. After the draft, pimping will continue at a bar/club of choice. The worst case scenario of NPD is that each pimp brings back two babies to smash.
I can't wait until National Pimp Day (NPD). I haven't pimped with you guys in awhile.

by NJPimp527 April 08, 2008
The day after Christmas when all of the boys and girls head out to cash in all of their holiday loot and for one day.... feel like a pimp.
I'm gonna blow my Christmas cash at the mall for national pimp day.
by sotc22 December 26, 2013

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