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National Emo Day always takes place on December the 19th, and is celebrated all around the world, by emo's and non-emos alike.

It is a day for emos to celbrate their sub-culture, and for non-emos to pretend to be emo, for a day. Sometimes people use the day, as an excuse tyo
National Emo Day
by BlackSouledBeast December 05, 2009
A day for the all emos to congregate together for a mass non-celbration, and general whine about life.

Celebrated on the 19th of December.
"oh my god... My life is like, so totally HARD."
"yeah me too... I hate my life, like SO much"
"hey, you know what we should do?"
"go to national EMO day"
"omg yeaaaah!!
I mean, like. Okay, Whatever, man."
by Johnatronn December 05, 2009
also known as-NED
its where you act emo, dress emo, be emo! its always on may 4th. its to make fun of the fake emo kids who are scene!
"hey are you celebrating National Emo Day?"

"hell yeah I am! i cant wait to act depressed all day!"
by ashley perkins May 03, 2007
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