Nathaniel is a loving caring person who will always be with u there forever he is really good in bed and has a huge one but not one to boost has a wonderful body alwaays in shape girls just cantkeep there eyes of him he is the nicest person iin the world u will be proud to call hi, ur husband is u get a Nahtnaiel he will be he best for u he is just that kind of person and make sure u dont lose him he wi;l go fast sweet acarind and just a lovely person
caring sweet lovely wonderful exciting handsome sexy just Nathaniel
by generaldon February 22, 2011
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Just about the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's smart and funny. He's really curious. He's friendly but shy, and he's accomodating. He's a great person. He's honest. He has his glitches, but you hardly notice them over that irresistable charm. If you find a Nathaniel, you'll be luck to have him.
Nathaniel is super sweet, you should meet him.
by BeautifulBabyGirl August 28, 2010
A Nathaniel, is a person who despite what people think is ALWAYS high. A Nathaniels body naturally produces chemicals to create a high if a drug is not present.
Guy 1: that guy seems to be having a good time.

Guy 2: well yeah, he's a nathaniel. They are naturally high.
by 78995145620123 August 12, 2008
totally awesome guy, passionate, hard working, has an amazing sense of humor, a sexy body and will take the shirt of his back for you
Girl 1: Did you see Nathaniel?
Girl 2: Yeah I needed a shirt and he took his off and gave it to me.

Girl 1: I wish I were there.
Girl 2: He does have a fine body.
by beavwa February 02, 2010
Cool ass mofo, sexy as hell, and will shoot yo bitch ass, if you get in his way, could either be a skater or a gangsta, anyways he is good in bed and a god in the streets.
Dude, that guy who just fucke that bitch then shot her is a tottal Nathaniel, I wato be just like him!
by Yomommainbed January 25, 2009
hyper awsome uber kid normally asumed cool by many. But is usually found to be on drugs...
boy 1:Dude have you met Nathaniel he's frikin awsome
boy 2: He's on drugs dude
boy 1:That explains it
by Anon2k8 March 27, 2008
He is definitely one of the cutest boy ever. he has a huge charm that will leave a forever blushy smile on your face. he has short legs, but his heart is so big it will melt you down to a level where you will be shorter than him. when he is drunk and high he will think he drives a motherfucking BMW. he is a sweetheart - when you meet a nathaniel, don't let him go because he might be the most sweetest, loving, caring boy ever. youre a thuq, nate.
Dam, Nathaniel is so Fly
by Short legs March 14, 2011

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