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The girl's name Nathania \n(a)-tha-nia\ is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "God has given". Feminine form of Nathan.

Nathania has 13 variant forms: Natania, Nataniella, Nataniya, Natanya, Natanyah, Nathaniella, Nathanielle, Netanela, Netanella, Netania, Nataniela, Netanya and Nethania.

Nathania is an uncommon first name for women and an equally uncommon last name for both men and women. (1990 U.S. Census)
Nathania: a well-disciplined woman that can laugh at herself and with others. A great person to get to know!
#uncommon #special #laughter #woman #fun
by snowbirdie February 07, 2010
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A jewish name meaning -Gift from Yahweh (Gift from god)
Also the great, but very few, Nathanias existing in the world
The world would be a better place if there were more Nathania's around.

He saved that boys life, what a Nathania!
#nathania #awesome #cool #the best #bomb #sexy #jewish #interesting #rare #names
by bruttoNum69 April 07, 2010
Nathania is a beautiful Hebrew name meaning 'God is given'. Nathania's are beautiful, loved, strong, outgoing, funny and sweet. Loved by many.
I love Nathania, I just want to be like her!
#nathan #name #beautiful #sweet #lovable #joy
by teeleee. May 13, 2011
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