A name given to a girl (hopefully). The Fench way of spelling Natalie.

Nathalies are often very social people who rely strongly on their first impressions of others.

They love wearing Converse shoes and Lululemon hoodies.

Good at making friends, but better at making enemies.

They are often pretty, but not nearly as pretty as they thnk they are.

They would be easier to get along with if they weren't obsessed with what other people think and knew the difference between asking about other people's lives (to appear less self-centered) and caring about other people's lives.

Stengths: Funny, Pretty, Outgoing, Creative

Weaknesses: Pretentious, Self-absorbed, Obssessive, Hypocritical

Janna: Omigod! That guy has a gun!

Nathalie: Oh, really? That sucks. So anyways, last night I was talking to my boyfriend and--

Janna:I think he is going to shoot Ashley!

Ashley: Oh noes! Don't shoot! Please!

Nathalie: My friend and I were at the mall last tuesday and we saw this girl who had the *ugliest* shoes I've ever seen.


Janna: Nath!! Ashley is dead!!

Nathalie: Nathalie: Aw, that's so sad. By the way, do these jeans make me look fat?
by JannaxChains November 29, 2009
A girl who is Emmas bestfriend but is a little freaky. inside. loves wipt cream and having a good time being cats. takes a tough blonde to be like her.
" wow that nathalie is crazy" "what a party girls"
by EmMaLovesyouuuuu November 23, 2009
A FUCKING ANNOYING Faggot thing!!! that will not stop laughing!!!!
Guy:"You can shut up now"
Girl: "I can't im a Nathalie"
Guy: "NOOO please no don't be a Nathalie"
by GayFaggots1 May 21, 2010

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