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The biggest fucking tool you will ever meet.
Josh:That kid is such a fucking nate.
Alex: Wow throw a book at him.
Josh: *whips book*
by mattymajestic May 27, 2008
67 161
A really great guy and awesome friend who is having a birthday today.
Wow! Nate is really fucking old!
by boogerie August 28, 2008
78 173
One of the coolest people ever. Everybody loves him. Is always super hot, and the most popular person in the office/school/world.
"I love that nate"

"Hes so cool he could almost be a nate"
by fghfg900098817 November 19, 2009
685 783
Slang term for uranation
Dude, i've got to nate.
by Brandon313 May 04, 2006
123 224
a skinny biker with a small penis and a big ego.
"Haha I heard you were dating a nate."
"Yeahhh, it wont last long."
by lamero April 03, 2008
57 160
A gigantic cocksucker, in other terms; fellatio extraordinaire.
Usually a man of homosexual nature.
Is that a gay bar over there? Yeah just look at all the Nates walking out of it.
by Dustino March 29, 2008
60 163
1. A name that, when given to a baby, automatically destines the child for ultra-failure. This includes, but is not limited to:

-Nasty fucking teeth
-A lisp while talking
-Unnaturally intensely blonde hair
-Not smart at all
-No friends
-No social life
-Huge band geek

2. A word that can be applied in place of any noun, verb, or adjective to make a phrase (usually belonging to some element of pop culture, such as a song or movie name) to make it more humorous.
Scott: Why the hell won't Nate's baritone case close?
Eric: It's a mystery known only to God.
John: There is a theory, however that it is because of all of the plaque and crust from his teeth and snot from blowing his nose while crying since he has no friends that built-up and formed multiple Natestains within the baritone itself.
by nateneedslaid January 07, 2008
54 172