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some slag I know
at a party:

guy1 - "hey, is this your new girlfriend natalie?"

guy2 - (looks at girlfriend) "nah, that's just some slag I know"
by soppingcowtits August 24, 2011
home wrecking slut, cheating whore, filthy liar
Hey I heard you like Natalie, dude she is bad news.
by Clingod66 October 19, 2011
Natalie is the biggest b*tch you will ever meet. She will get close to you, then rip you apart. You won't know what happen. She is like a poisonous frog; pretty to look at, deadly to get close to. If you ever come in contact with a Natalie, steer clear of her. She typically is in the main crowd, has brown hair, huge tits, and ocasionally looks like a sl*t.
Person 1: Hey is that a Natalie!?
Person 2: Gaaah, Yeah! Steer clear, she's a megaaaaa b*tch. You don't want to have anything to do with her.
Person 1: Oh okay, thanks.
by mjacob August 25, 2011
(n) When you or someone makes a spelling mistake in an online chat. This phrase comes from the SOF Dancer Natalie Castro, who has spelling ability of a cracked out eight year old.
Dylan: "I was totully winning that game"
DJ: "Natalie"
by I<3SOF July 25, 2010
a girl who is shy at first but is really loud when you get to know her. people will call her fake . maybe she will have fake boobs and an awful tan. she has a fat face but is "pretty". she isn't the brightest person in the world, but she is a caring person.
Natalie is so fake!
by bigassgirl69 March 30, 2011
One who gives sex to a man paying for a Eurotrip, whilst cheating on benefactor.
He's paying for your Germany trip and you're fucking his best friend? You are such a Natalie!
by Mike.Chiaravalloti July 13, 2010
Hooking up with two dffierent guys in one night, preferably at the same location or party.
Uuuugh I pulled another Natalie!!
by love it 21212122 June 04, 2010