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A term derived from the latin 'Natlius Whoricus' used to intricately describe a person of moral withering. A 'Natalie' is someone one might dwell to avoid due to her lascivious and promiscuous nature. Approach a 'Natalie' with caution as she lures her highly inebriated prey with cheap, sleazy promises to lure them into her chamber. Also known to be a kleptomaniac, a Natalie is one whom might take what is not hers. Be it material possessions or the happiness of her foolish prey.
'Look at her. She's a right Natalie.'
by ravingrapture May 26, 2012
12 42
a brown female with LARGE titties.
look at that big tittied bitxh NATALIE
by vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv November 27, 2011
18 59
The pure definition of a whore. Loves her bosses
Better watch out for ya husbands ladies, Natalie is around!
by Wonderwhy February 03, 2013
7 58
Natalie is a girl who poos fish sticks. And swims with fish in the ocean. She has scales, and often times wears yellow pants. She enjoys being with Grits and Beans. She eats bottle caps, and pees in a bowl. She is an octopus in hiding. And is a chicken nugget, and pees tarter sauce.
"Natalie stole my yellow pants!"

"She peed in my bowl!"

"And ate my chicken nuggets!"

"Well, she pooped on my mustard!"
by pizzaballinmypants12 January 11, 2013
10 62
The bitchiest cunt in all of the universe. She thinks she is the shit but in all reality she is just a huge cunt and looks exactly like a fucking alien. No one likes her and no one will ever like her. Although many guys do want to tap that even though she has no ass or boobs whatsoever.
Look at that Natalie...thinking she is the shit...bitch.
by MUMBA May 03, 2013
6 61
A really pretty and funny girl. Also called Skeeze.
Me: What's up Skeeze?
Natalie: Just woke up from a nap.
by Pocatell0 December 06, 2010
54 124
some slag I know
at a party:

guy1 - "hey, is this your new girlfriend natalie?"

guy2 - (looks at girlfriend) "nah, that's just some slag I know"
by soppingcowtits August 24, 2011
19 138